James Randi Titles

The Faith Healers: (Revised Edition) by James Randi pb (ISBN 535-0) 11.50

Flim-Flam!: The Truth About Unicorns, Parapsychology and Other Delusions by James Randi Pb (ISBN 198-3) 11.00

Flim-Flam! (Approx 180 minutes on 2 audio tapes) by read by James Randi AU (ISBN 031-2) 12.95

The Mask of Nostradamus: The Prophecies of the World's Most Famous Seer by James Randi PB (ISBN 830-9) 11.50

The Truth About Uri Geller by James Randi Pb (ISBN 199-1) 12.00

Special availability in the UK:

Conjuring: Being a Definitive History of the Venerable Arts of Sorcery, Prestidigitation, Wizadry, Deception, & Chicanery and of the Mountebanks & Scoundrels Who have Perpetrated these Subterfuges on a Bewildered Public, in short MAGIC!

15.00 plus 2.50 Post and Packing.

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Email Mike Hutchinson (100023.2355@CompuServe.com)

Snail mail: 10 Crescent View, Loughton, Essex IG10 4PZ; Phone 44 181 508 2989.

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