Philosophy Titles

The Affirming Flame: A Poetics of Meaning by Maurice S. Friedman CL (ISBN 259-5) 26.00 - January 1999

American Philosophic Naturalism in the Twentieth Centuryby John Ryder CL (ISBN 894-5) 21.50

Animal Consciousnessby Daisie Radner and Michael Radner Cl (ISBN 459-1) 27.00 $46.95; PB (ISBN 114-9) 10.50

Animal Rights and Human Morality - Revised by Bernard E. Rollin PB (ISBN 789-2) 11.00

Art & Philosophy by Timothy Taubes cl (ISBN 865-1) 15.00

The Art of Deception by Nicholas Capaldi pb (ISBN 424-9) 10.00

The Art of Deception (approx. 180 minutes audio tape) by Nicholas Capaldi (read by the author) AU (ISBN 057-6) 12.45

The Authentic Self by Robert R. Ehman cl (ISBN 846-5) 16.00

Beneficent Euthanasia edited by Marvin Kohl Cl (ISBN 047-2) 15.00

Bertrand Russell on Ethics Sex & Marriage Not UK edited by Al Seckel Pb (ISBN 400-1)

Bertrand Russell on God & Religion Not UK edited by Al Seckel Pb (ISBN 323-4)

The Big Domino in the Sky: and Other Atheistic Tales by Michael Martin PB (ISBN 111-4) 10.00

Business Ethics Revised Edition: Corporate Values and Society edited by Milton Snoeyenbos, Robert Almeder and James Humber pb (ISBN 725-6) 14.50

Clear Thinking: A Practical Introduction by Hy Ruchlis (with Sandra Oddo) Cl (ISBN 594-6) 10.50

A Comprehensive History of Western Ethics: What Do We Believe? by Warren Ashby, edited and with a Foreword by A. Allen Ashby CL (ISBN 152-1) 23.00 (August 1997)

Contemporary Readings in Social and Political Ethics edited by Garry Brodsky, John Troyer, and David Vance Cl (ISBN 265-3) 14.50

Contemporary Analytic & Linguistic Philosophies edited by E. D. Klemke Pb (ISBN 197-5) 15.00

Contemporary Art & Its Philosophical Problems by Ingrid Stadler Cl (ISBN 383-8) 19.00

Controlling Technology: Contemporary Issues edited by William B. Thomson pb (ISBN 616-0) 15.00

Convictions by Sidney Hook Cl (ISBN 473-7) 16.50

Decisions in Philosophy of Religion by William B. Williamson Pb (ISBN 295-5) 15.00

Dictionary of Philosophy by Mario Bunge CL (ISBN 257-9) 33.00 - December 1998

The Difference Between Truth and Opinion: How the Misuse of Language Can Lead to Disaster by Timothy J. Cooney cl (ISBN 668-3) 14.50

Does Life Have Meaning? by Milton K. Munitz cl (ISBN 860-0) 15.00

Doing Philosophy Historically edited by Peter H. Hare Cl (ISBN 475-3) 26.00

Entertaining Ideas: Popular Philosophical Essays by Robert C. Solomon pb (ISBN 753-1) 12.50

Essays in the Unknown Wittgenstein: (ISBN 234-3) by Morris Lazerowitz and Alice Ambrose Cl (ISBN 249-1) 23.50

Ethics Without God - Revised Ed. - by Kai Nielsen pb (ISBN 552-0) 11.00

Ethics and the Legal Profession edited by Michael Davis and Frederick A. Elliston Pb (ISBN 331-5) 14.50

Ethics and the Search for Values edited by Luis E. Navia and Eugene Kelly Pb (ISBN 139-8) 14.00

Ethics in Medicine by Milton D. Heifetz, M.D. PB (ISBN 073-8) 11.50

Ethics of Psychiatry - Second Edition: Insanity. Rational Autonomy, and Mental Health Care edited byRem B. Edwards PB (ISBN 113-0) 15.00

Exuberance: An Affirmative Philosophy of Life by Paul Kurtz cl (ISBN 091-X) 13.00 $22.95; Pb (ISBN 290-4) 11.00

Fanatics and Hypocrites by Jay Newman Cl (ISBN 348-X) 19.00

Freedom Anarchy and the Law by Richard Taylor Pb (ISBN 176-2) 12.00

God Freedom & Immortality: A Critical Analysis by Antony Flew Pb (ISBN 251-3) 11.00

God and the Burden of Proof by Keith M. Parsons Cl (ISBN 551-2) 23.50

Good and Evil by Richard Taylor Pb (ISBN 237-8) 10.50

Having Love Affairs by Richard Taylor pb (ISBN 186-X) Now Out of Print - see paper edition Love Affairs

A History of Russian Philosophy: From 10th to 20th Centuries: (Two Volumes) edited by Valery A. Kuvakin, Ph.D. (Moscow State Univ.) CL (ISBN 780-9) 50.00

How to Think Straight: An Introduction to Critical Reasoning by Antony Flew PB (ISBN 239-0) 10.00 - September 1998

Humanhood: Essays in Biomedical Ethics by Joseph Fletcher cl (ISBN 112-6) 15.00; pb (ISBN 123-1) 11.50

Humanistic Perspectives in Medical Ethics edited by Maurice B. Visscher Cl (ISBN 012-X) 15.50

Immortality edited by Paul Edwards PB (ISBN 130-0) 11.50 (April 1997)

In Search of Democracy in Socialism by Svetozar Stojanovic Cl (ISBN 161-4) 16.00

Infanticide and the Value of Life edited by Marvin Kohl Cl (ISBN 100-2) 16.00

Introduction to Metaphysics: The Fundamental Questions edited by Andrew B. Schoedinger pb (ISBN 622-5) 13.50

Introductory Readings in the Philosophy of Science (Revised Edition) Edited by E.D. Klemke, Robert Hollinger, and David Wyss Rudge with A. David Kline PB (ISBN 423-0) 13.50

Invitation to Philosophy edited by Nicholas Capaldi, Eugene Kelly, and Luis E. Navia Pb (ISBN 162-2) 14.00

John Dewey: An Intellectual Portrait by Sidney Hook CL (ISBN 985-2) 16.50

John Locke and Medicine by Patrick Romanell Cl (ISBN 250-5) 22.00

Journeys Through Philosophy edited by Nicholas Capaldi, Eugene Kelly, and Luis E. Navia Pb (ISBN 171-1) 14.50

Latin American Philosophy: in the Twentieth Century: Man, Values, and the Search.... edited byJorge J. E. Gracia Cl (ISBN 333-1) 14.50

Love Affairs: Marriage and Infidelity by Richard Taylor PB (ISBN 128-9) 11.00 (March 1997)

Love Emotion Myth and Metaphor by Robert C. Solomon Pb (ISBN 569-5) 12.50

Marxist Humanism and Praxis edited by Gerson S. Sher Cl (ISBN 097-9) 15.50

Materialism: An Affirmative History and Definition by Richard C. Vitzthum CL (ISBN 027-4) 18.00

Metaphysical Delusion by Fraser Cowley cl (ISBN 669-1) 19.50

The Metaphysics of Pragmatism by Sidney Hook CL (ISBN 075-4) 23.00

Modern Cosmology & Philosophy Edited by John Leslie PB (ISBN 250-1) 11.50 - November 1998

The Moral Writings of John Dewey: Updated and Revised Edition by John Dewey PB (ISBN 882-1) 6.50

The Morality Maze: An Introduction to Moral Ecology by Neil M. Daniels cl (ISBN 697-7) 15.50

Naturalism Without Foundations by Kai Nielsen CL (ISBN 076-2) 28.50

Naturalism and Rationality edited by Newton Garver and Peter H. Hare Cl (ISBN 350-1) 22.50

Nature and Natural Science: The Philosophy of Frederick Woodbridge by William F. Jones Cl (ISBN 183-5) 21.50

The Nature and Pursuit of Love: The Philosophy of Irving Singer by David L. Goicoechea CL (ISBN 912-7) 23.00

The Noble Philosopher: Condorcet and the Enlightenment by Edward Goodell CL (ISBN 875-9) 20.00

Nonbelief & Evil: Two Arguments for the Nonexistence of God by Theodore M. Drange CL (ISBN 228-5) 23.00

On Knowing and the Known: Introductory Readings in Epistemology edited by Kenneth G. Lucey PB (ISBN 050-9) 13.50

Out of Order: Affirmative Action and the Crisis of Doctrinaire Liberalism by Nicholas Capaldi Cl (ISBN 279-3) 17.50

The Philosopher's Joke: Essays in Form and Content by Richard A. Watson pb (ISBN 601-2) 11.50

Philosophical Essays in Pragmatic Naturalism by Paul Kurtz Cl (ISBN 592-X) 15.00

Philosophical Explorations: Freedom, God, and Goodness by Steven M. Cahn Pb (ISBN 487-7) 11.50

Philosophy A Tough Minded Contontemporary Approach by Keith Halbasch Cl (ISBN 352-8) 14.00

Philosophy: An Introduction by Antony Flew Pb (ISBN 127-4) 10.50

Philosophy Gone Wild: Environmental Ethics by Holmes Rolston III pb (ISBN 556-3) 11.50

Philosophy and Science Fiction by Michael Phillips Pb (ISBN 248-3) 14.00

Philosophy and Sex: (Third Edition) edited by Robert B. Baker, Frederick A. Elliston, and Kathleen J. Wininger PB (ISBN 184-X) 14.00

Philosophy of Biology edited by Michael Ruse PB (ISBN 185-8) 11.00

Philosophy of Civilization by Albert Schweitzer Pb (ISBN 403-6) 12.50

The Philosophy of the Curriculum edited by Sidney Hook, Paul Kurtz and Miro Todorovich Cl (ISBN 051-0) 16.50

Politics of John Dewey by Gary Bullert Cl (ISBN 208-4) 22.00

The Politics of Procrustes by Antony Flew Cl (ISBN 150-9) 19.00

Pornography and Censorship edited by David Copp and Susan Wendell pb (ISBN 182-7) 14.00

Problem of God: A Short Introduction by Peter A. Angeles Pb (ISBN 216-5) 12.50

The Problems of Philosophers: An Introduction by Patrick T. Mackenzie Pb (ISBN 486-9) 14.00

Punishment and the Death Penalty: The Current Debate edited by Robert M. Baird and Stuart E. Rosenbaum PB (ISBN 946-1) 10.00

The Quotable Bertrand Russell edited by Lee Eisler pb (ISBN 728-0) 11.50

Rediscovering the Moral Life: Philoosphy and Human Practice by James Gouinlock CL (ISBN 815-5) 21.50

Reflective Wisdom: Richard Taylor on Issues That Matter edited by John Donnelly Cl (ISBN 522-9) 21.50

Restoring Pride: The Lost Virtue of Our Age by Richard Taylor CL (ISBN 024-X) 14.00

The Science of Morality: The Individual, Community, and Future Generations by Joseph L. Daleiden CL (ISBN 225-0) 21.00

Science versus Religion by Tad S. Clements Cl (ISBN 593-8) 19.00

Sidney Hook: Philosopher of Democracy and Humanism edited by Paul Kurtz Cl (ISBN 191-6) 21.00

Soundtracks: A Study of Auditory Perception, Memory, and Valuation by Jean Gabbert Harrell Cl (ISBN 334-X) 16.50

Taking Darwin Seriously: A Naturalistic Approach to Philosophy by Michael Ruse PB (ISBN 242-0) 11.00 - September 1998

Telling Right From Wrong: What is Moral, What is Immoral, and What is Neither One Nor by Timothy J. Cooney Cl (ISBN 297-1) 16.50

A Theory of the Good and the Right by Richard B. Brandt (Foreword by Peter Singer) PB (ISBN 220-X) 11.00

Thinking About Social Thinking: (Second Edition) by Antony Flew PB (ISBN 954-2) 10.50

Thinking Straight by Antony Flew - See How to Think Straight

The Truth About Everything: An Irreverent History of Philosophy, with Illustrations by Matthew Stewart, D. Phil CL (ISBN 110-6) 19.00

Value Language and Life: (ISBN 284-X) by John T. Goldthwait Cl (ISBN 284-2) 22.00

Values: What They Are & How We Know Them by John T. Goldthwait PB (ISBN 007-X) 10.50

The Ways of an Atheist by Bernard Katz PB (ISBN 1-57392-673-0) 9.00 - March 1999

What is God?: The Selected Essays of Richard R. LaCroix by Kenneth G. Lucey CL (ISBN 739-6) 21.50

Why be Moral? by Kai Nielsen Pb (ISBN 519-9) 12.50

The Worlds of Hume and Kant edited by J. B. Wilbur and H. J. Allen Pb (ISBN 163-0) 11.50

The Worlds of Plato and Aristotle edited by J. B. Wilbur and H. J. Allen Pb (ISBN 116-9) 11.50

The Worlds of the Early Greek Philosophers edited by J. B. WIlbur, and H. J. Allen Pb (ISBN 115-0) 11.50

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