Joe Nickell Titles

Entities: Angels, Spiritsm, Demons and Other Alien Beings by Joe Nickell CL (ISBN 961-5) 14.00

Inquest on the Shroud of Turin: Latest Scientific Findings (1998 edition) by Joe Nickell pb (ISBN 272-2) 11.50

Looking for a Miracle: Weeping Icons, Relics, Stigmata, Visions and Healing Cures by Joe Nickell CL (ISBN 840-6) 13.50; (ISBN 1-57392-680-9) 10.50 - March 1999

Looking for a Miracle - 180 minutes (approx) Audio Tape: Weeping Icons, Relics, Stigmata, Visions & Healing Cures by Joe Nickell AU (ISBN 101-7) 17.50

Missing Pieces: How to Investigate Ghosts, UFOs, Psychics and Other Mysteries by Robert A. Baker and Joe Nickell cl (ISBN 729-9) 15.50

Mysterious Realms: Probing Paranormal, Historical & Forensic Enigmas by Joe Nickell and John F. Fischer CL (ISBN 765-5) 15.00

Psychic Sleuths: ESP and Sensational Cases by Joe Nickell CL (ISBN 880-5) 15.00

Secrets of the Supernatural: Investigating the World's Occult Mysteries by Joe Nickell with John F. Fischer cl (ISBN 461-3) 15.50; pb (ISBN 685-3) 11.00

The UFO Invasion: The Roswell Incident, Alien Abductions, and Government Coverups edited by Kendrick Frasier, Barry Karr, & Joe Nickell CL (ISBN 131-9) 14.50

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