A Divorced Father's Struggle with the Child Custody Industry

Robert Mendelson

Is it up to the court to decide whether you are a fit father? This heart-wrenching tale of what a loving father confronts when seeking equal rights in the family court system will outrage fair-minded people everywhere.

A Harvard-educated physician returned home one day to find a note from his wife stating she had moved out and taken the children with her. The marriage was over, but he hoped he would remain a vital pan of his children's lives. His wife had other plans.

A Family Divided is the story of a once-happy family now torn apart by divorce with its dignity shredded in a family court system that sees mothers as the only proper guardians (the primary parents) for their children even in the overwhelming majority of cases not involving abusive or threatening husbands. Written from the divorced father's point of view by an author and journalist, this book exposes our twisted legal system, its obvious abuses of civil rights, and indifferent courts that subject caring fathers across the nation to vengeful ex-wives, opportunistic psychologists and psychiatrists, and overzealous attorneys.

Author Robert Mendelson argues that all fathers should not be viewed as deadbeat dads who shirk their responsibilities. Public opinion, the press, and the courts are wrong to think that men cannot be single parents. He demonstrates that society's best interests and those of our children require two active and involved parents and that the adversary legal system must be removed from child custody decisions. A Family Divided alerts divorcing fathers to the hidden minefields and pitfalls of custody proceedings, offers practical recommendations for reform, and sheds light on the real cause of fatherlessness in America today.

ROBERT MENDELSON (Pittsburgh, PA) is a former reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times and a freelance writer.

ISBN 1-57392-151-3 Cloth

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