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The Journal
Editor: Hecor Avalos. Senior Editors: J. E. Barnhart, David Berman, Stephen Bigger, Laurence Brown, Margaret Chatterjee, Antony Flew, J. C. A. Gaskin, James Herrick, R. Joseph Hoffmann, Paul Kurtz, Gerald Larue, Oliver Leaman, David Nash, Norman Solomon, Associate Editor: Mary A. Read.

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Contents of Back Issues

Volume 2 Number 2 Fall/winter 1997
Letter to the Readers
The Presumption of Atheism by Antony Flew
A Pascalian Rejoinder to the Presumption of Atheism by R. Douglas Geivett
Implicit Religion by Edward I. Bailey
The Counter Bible: Western Culture and the Self-Critical Book by Mark Glouberman
Is Islam Secularizable? by Sadik J. Al-Azm
Book Reviews:
The Worth of a Child by Thomas H. Murray
Implicit Religion in Contemporary Society by Edward I. Bailey

Volume 1 Number 1 Winter/spring 1996
From the Editor by R. Joseph Hoffmann
Laughing and Dreaming at the Foot of the Cross: Context and Reception of a Religious Symbol by Justin Meggitt
Modern Spiritualities: The CEBS and the New Age by James Penney
Reasons of the Heart by Peggy Morgan
Becoming Spiritual: Learning from Marijuana Users by Bernard C. Farr
Teilhard and Tipler: Critical Reflections by H. James Birx
The Smorgasbord Syndrome: Availability Reexamined by Margaret Chatterjee

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