The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved

Larry Kusche

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle had been told in books, magazine articles, and on television and radio talk shows for several years when, in 1972, Larry Kusche, then a reference librarian, decided to collect all the information he could find on each incident. He made contact with the Coast Guard, the Air Force, Lloyd's of London, and many other agencies. He obtained microfilm copies of newspapers from cities where various incidents had been reported.

This exhaustive research had an unexpected result - it solved the mystery. It also resulted in the publication of The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved which is now back in print. Larry Kusche's book is more than an investigation of a mystery: it is a fascinating case history of a "manufactured mystery" in the making. It shows how over the years the raw materials of official accident reports, newspaper accounts articles in the mainstream press, and word of mouth have been assimilated into a "false mystery".

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved is the only book written on the Triangle that approaches the topic rationally, rather than as another great unsolved mystery of our time. Approximately 60 of the best-known cases are examined, in an unusual, but very clear and logical style. Kusche relates each incident as it has been told over the years. He then includes snippets from articles and reports that show what was written at that time. Kusche then discusses the incident, pointing out flaws in the story.

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved is the only book that critically examines the "mystery" and provides the reader with an alternative rational explanation to the sensationalist stories in the media.

Larry Kusche is a technical writer, commercial pilot, and a flight instructor. He is the author of The Disappearance of Flight 19.

302 pages Publication date 21st September, 1995

ISBN 0-87975-971-2

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