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These references have been compiled by Lewis Jones in the United Kingdom and posted with his permission and with the approval of' Skeptical Inquirer. The references are mainly for 'The Skeptical Inquirer' (SI) but also to The Skeptic (Skeptic) in the UK, New Scientist (NS), 'Skeptical Briefs' (Briefs), 'The Laser' (published by the now defunct Southern California Skeptics), Free Inquiry (FI), 'Fortean Times' (FT), and other magazines. The Australian Skeptics have their own on-line index for their magazine Skeptic.

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SI 13.2:118

NS 1592/3

SI 21.2:51 Review of "Something hidden behind the range" (D Taylor-Ide)


Freethinker 117.4:10 Sanctioned by the Bible

Free Inquiry 18.2:9 "Pro-life" killings


Skeptic 6.1:18 Bands of Hope

Skeptic 6.6:18 Quackupuncture (H B Gibson)

NS 62.902

NS 63.912

NS 63.915 Electric stimulation as painkiller

NS 73.1033

NS 88.1229

NS 1575 Acupuncture for vets

NS 1744 "Balls of fire" in Science Museum catalogue

Laser Roundup 22

Basis Jan 1989

Skeptic 8.6: Acupuncture: elusive or illusory? (Ian Johnson)

SI 22.2:5 NIH and SRAM dispute validity, efficacy

Briefs 7.4:11 Criticism of NIH promotion of acupuncture

SI 23.2:15 Acupressure and reflexology (Martin Gardner)


Skeptic 11.3:10 Britain's Zeppelin hysteria: the UFOs of 1912-13


SI 10.1:42 (Beyerstein)


SI 6.4:14 Sclerology: study of red lines in the eye

SI 6.4:60 Hines reviews "Psycles"

SI 10.1:154 Psychopathology of fringe medicine (Sabbagh)

SI 10.4:359 Review of "Examining Holistic Medicine"

SI 11.1:44 Folk remedies and belief-systems

SI 12.1:47 Chiropractic

SI 12.1:56 Homeopathy

SI 12.1:63 The BMA Report on Alternative Medicine

SI 12.1:70 Quackery

SI 12.4:444 Alternative practitioners

SI 13.1:22 Albert Schweitzer Prize

SI 16.3:254 Ayurvedic medicine - JAMA hoodwinked

Skeptic 5.6:20 The struggle for recognition (Wim Betz)

Skeptic 6.1:18 Bands of Hope

Skeptic 6.6:18 Quackupuncture (H B Gibson)

Skeptic 7.3:5 Evening primrose for PMT

NS 62.902 Acupuncture

NS 63.912 Acupuncture

NS 63.915 ELectric stimulation as painkiller

NS 71.1017 Biofeedback

NS 73.1033 Acupuncture

NS 88.1229 Acupuncture

NS 97.1341 Fringe medicine

NS 1566 Ginseng

NS 1575 Acupuncture for vets

NS 1642 Chinese herbal medicines

NS 1744 "Balls of fire" in Science Museum catalogue

NS 1775 "Stress"

NS 1816 Power lines and cancer

Briefs 2.4:5 Clinical ecology (Barrett)

Briefs 3.3:8 Quackery (Barrett)

Laser Roundup 18 Quackery and health fraud (Jarvis)

Laser Roundup 22 Acupuncture

Basis Jan 1989

SI 18.2:125 European Skeptics Conference at Keele

SI 18.2:152 Electromagnetic field cancer scares

Skeptic 8.6:6 Thurstan Brewin

Skeptic 8.6:10 Acupuncture: elusive or illusory? (Ian Johnson)

Skeptic 8.6:12 Qigong: Chinese pseudoscience (Alcock)

Skeptic 9.6:4 Royal jelly -- warnings on toxicity

Skeptic 9.6:18 Patent medicines

SI 20.4:15 Pentagon grant funds alternative health study

SI 20.4:18 Traditional medicine and pseudoscience in China

SI 20.4:39 Alternative health education and pseudocredentialing (Raso)

SI 21.5:24 Alternative medicine and the laws of physics

SI 21.5:29 Why bogus therapies seem to work (Barry Beyerstein)

SI 21.5:35 Inconsistencies and errors in alt med (Wallace Sampson)

SI 21.5:39 Pseudoscience in alternative medicine

SI 21.5:44 Shark cartilage

SI 21.5:49 Medical school faith healing

SI 21.5:50 "Nutrition Forum" (anti-quackery newsletter)

SI 21.5:51 "The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine"

Skeptic 11.2:12 Ginseng

Freethinker 118.1:11 Kidology and the modern witchdoctors

NS 2130:49 Poor research (Edzard Ernst)

Briefs 7.4:4 Observations of a lexicographer (Jack Raso)

Briefs 7.4:11 Criticism of NIH promotion of acupuncture

SI 22.5:12 Folk beliefs may increase cancer deaths

SI 22.5:14 Temple University (Martin Gardner)

NS 2148:18 Pressure on health authorities to test alternative treatments

Skeptic 11.4: 20 A philosopher's view

SI 22.6:9 Flawed studies

SI 23.1:58 Risks of untested and unregulated remedies

SI 23.2:8 Goggle therapy

SI 23.3:13 Urine therapy (Martin Gardner)


SI 2.2:94 Review by Robert Morris


SI 2.2:116 Review of "The 12th Planet"

SI 10.1:170 Review by Feder

SI 11.1:61 Noah's Ark and ancient astronauts

Laser Roundup 63 Interview with Gerald Larue


SI 9.3:276 Animal communication

SI 10.4:314 Clever Hans (Sebeok)

SI 11.2:217 Animal language (letters)

LASER 3.3:10 Sunny the wonder dog


SI 18.5:516 Phenomena in Kazakhstan


SI 15.2:128 Tipler and the omega point theory

SI 23.4: Anthropic design (Stenger)


SI 2.2:62 Ancient inscriptions and early man

SI 2.2:108 Review of "Extrasensory Archeology"

NS 1829 Black Egyptians etc

Briefs 2.4:1 The aquatic ape theory

SI 20.2:53 Afro-American contribution to mathematics

AmSkeptic 7.1:9 Kennewick man


Freethinker 117.6:5


SI 15.1:40

SI 15.3:322 (letters)


SI 2.2:104 Review of "Psychic Archeology"

SI 2.2:108 Review of "Extrasensory Ecology"

SI 4.4:32 Psychic Archeology (Feder)

SI 5.3:44 Barry Fell

SI 6.2:74 A rejoinder by Barry Fell

SI 9.4:364 'Lucy' out of context

SI 15.4:386 Archeological dowsing

SI 16.2:212 (letters)

SI 17.1:106 David Fisher (letter)

Skeptic 8.5:6 Fantastic Archeology

SI 20.3:40 Review of "Cult Archeology and Creationism

SI 22.6:26 Gaps in the fossil record

SI 23.2:33 Dowsing and archeology

SI 23.2:64 Fossil gaps (leetters)


SI 20.3:35 Lynn McCutcheon

**ASIMOV, Isaac

SI 3.3:58 Asimov's Corollary

SI 5.2:42 Science and theology

SI 10.3:212 The Perennial Fringe

SI 17.1:30 A celebration of Isaac Asimov


Skeptic 11.1: 11 Birth of the Association for Skeptical Enquiry

Briefs 8.1:7 the Association for Skeptical Enquiry


SI 20.5: 8 "Skepticus" named for CSICOP

SI 20.5: 8 "Kurtz" named in honour of Paul Kurtz


Zetetic 1.2:49 Sun sign

Zetetic 2.1:62

SI 2.2:118 Gauquelin reviews two books

SI 3.1:17 An empirical test of popular astrology by Bastedo

SI 3.3:70 Gauquelin on Rawlins

SI 4.4:58 Mars effect: Gauquelin responds

SI 4.4:62 Rejoinder by Kurtz, Zelen, and Abel

SI 5.2:34 Response to National Enquirer Astrology study

SI 5.3:33 The extroversion-introversion astrological effect

SI 6.1:29 A controlled test of horoscopes

SI 6.1:32 Tests of planetary position and radio disturbances

SI 6.2:58 Rawlins on the Mars effect, and rejoinders

SI 6.2:76 Gauquelin on the the Mars Effect

SI 6.3:57 Gauquelin on the zodiac and personality

SI 6.4:30 Radio disturbances and planetary positions

SI 7.1:2 The Soviet-Argentine UGO blitz

SI 7.3:65 Kurtz reviews Eysenck and Nias

SI 7.3:77 Reappraisal of the Mars Effect

SI 9.3:194 Newspaper disclaimers

SI 9.3:210 Scientific tests

SI 9.4:327 The Guardian astrology test (Dean et al)

SI 9.4:339 Forecasts and the commodity market

SI 10.1:183 First horoscope column (Sunday Express 1930)

SI 10.3:194 Double-blind test in Nature

SI 11.2:166 Part 1 (Dean)

SI 11.3:257 Part 2 (Dean)

SI 11.4:418 Dean and critics

SI 12.2:126 German astrology test

SI 12.2:192 Jung

SI 12.2:221 Astrology protocol

SI 12.3:290 Doomsday predictions

SI 13.1:3 Astrology and the presidency

SI 13.2:129 Russia

SI 13.2:215 Jet-ology

SI 13.3:329 President Bush (letters)

SI 14.3:228 Astrology in the White House

SI 14.3:231 Sustituting false horoscopes in a newspaper

SI 15.2:166 A test of the Barnum Effect

SI 16.2:150 Update on the Mars Effect (Ertel)

SI 16.2:161 Kurtz replies to Ertel

SI 16.4:439 Questioning the Mars Effect (letters)

SI 17.1:220 The Mars Effect: Ertel replies

SI 17.4:451 Mars effect (letter)

SI 18.2:42 Dean attacks two new books

Skeptic 2.3:10 Kurtz on Gauquelin and the Mars Effect

Skeptic 2.4:14 Stephen Moreton on comparative astrology

Skeptic 2.5:17 Gauquelin (Anthony Garrett)

Skeptic 2.6:25 Anthony Garrett reviews Percy Seymour

Skeptic 4.3:9 Anthony Garrett

Skeptic 4.3:12 Astrology and the computer age

Skeptic 4.3:27 Month of birth and class in school

Skeptic 4.6:25 Anthony Garrett reviews Percy Seymour

Skeptic 5.2:19 Companies using horoscopes (Mike Hutchinson)

NS 67.966 Anti astrology

NS 68.972 Gauquelin hits back

NS 69.989 Gauquelin

NS 92.1277 Gauquelin and CSICOP

NS 92.1287 Gauquelin

NS 93.1292 Kurtz on Gauquelin

NS 1430

NS 1596 Horoscopes and statistics

NS 1612 Henbest reviews Percy Seymour

NS 1613 Science and horoscopes

NS 1449 "Real" astrology

NS 1713 Birth patterns changing

NS 1753 Why horoscopes are popular

NS 1759 Minitel and astrology queries

Briefs 2.4:12 Top European astrologers fail test

Laser 4.4:16 Nancy Reagan and astrology

Skeptic 8.3:4 Autumn versus summer babies

SI 19.1:4 Summary of Gauquelin

SI 20.6:43 Some truths about the constellations

SI 21.2: 46 SI 21.2:46 Geoffrey Dean reviews "Astrology really works!"

Skeptic 11.1:6 French Committee of Skeptics test the Mars Effect

SI 21.6:5 Life magazine's view

SI 21.6:25 The Mars effect in retrospect (J W Nienhuys)

SI 22.4:59 Dissenting from J W Nienhuys' "Retrospect" (Ertel and Irving)

SI 22.4:60 Responding to Ertel (J W Nienhuys)

Skeptic 11.4:5 Does astrology work?

SI 23.2:68 Arguments about astrology (letters)


SI 6.4:2 Gribbin and Plagemann's Jupiter Effect

SI 7.1:66 Review of "The Jupiter Effect Reconsidered"

NS 1705 Astronomers and pathological science

LASER ROUNDUP 38 The star of Bethlehem

SI 20.6:43 Some truths about the constellations

SI 21.2:23 Hale-Bopp comet

SI 21.2:25 Hale-Bopp comet madness

SI 21.3:22 Cosmic impacts

Briefs 8.1:9 Cosmic impacts (Robert Baker)

SI 22.4:16 Near-earth objects: Monsters of Doom?

Free Inquiry 18.4:48 The Bible and astronomy


SI 18.2:218 Plato's myth (letter)


SI 14.4:403

SI 15.4:402 Dean

SI 16.2:216 (letters)

Skeptic 10.4:19 Robert Todd Carroll


SI 16.3:254 JAMA hoodwinked


SI 19.4:33


SI 21.2:16 Nartin Gardner


Skeptic 6.4:10 Frank Chambers

Skeptic 6.6:12 Steuart Campbell

NS 66.952

NS 69.989

NS 70.996

NS 72.1032

NS 89.1235 Fireballs and UFOs

NS 1761 Ball lightning in microwaves

NS 1865


SI 20.3:31 Gerhard Eggert


Briefs 8.4:4 Exposing babies to classical music to raise intelligence

**BERLITZ, Charles

Zetetic 2.1:93 Reviewed by Kusche and Klass

SI 4.1:58 Kusche reviews "The Philadelphia Experiment"

SI 5.3:58 Sheaffer reviews "The Roswell Incident"


Zetetic 2.1:36 Kusche

Zetetic 2.1:93 Kusch and Klass review Berlitz

SI 6.1:42 Twelve supposed incidents investigated

SI 6.4:59 Review of Kusche's "Disappearance of Flight 19"

NS 75.1060

NS 77.1093

SI 21.2:23 Methane gas bubbles


SI 21.6:30 "Hidden messages" in the bible

SI 22.2:57 Bible-code developments

SI 22.2:64 Debunking the Bible code (letters)

Briefs 7.4:10 The Bard Code

SI 22.6:16 Tolstoy predicts basketball result


SI 16.4:357 Gardner

SI 16.4:412 Stenger

Free Inquiry 18.2:35 Big bang and atheism


SI 6.2:2 The ice creature

SI 6.4:76 The ice creature

SI 7.1:8 Hoaxer owns up

SI 13.3:264

SI 13.3:273 Pore structure

SI 14.1:102 (letters)

SI 14.2:219

SI 18.5:498 Investigation of the cast of a footprint

SI 18.5:528 Review of "Big Footprints"

SI 23.3:20 Bigfoot's screen test

SI 23.3:26 Tracking Bigfoot on the Internet

AmSkeptic 7.1:11 Bigfoot busted by buffs


NS 71.1017 Biofeedback


SI 2.2:16 Plane and car accidents

SI 2.2:40

SI 3.1:63 Randi reviews Gittelson

SI 8.3:286

SI 8.4:302 Freud and Fliess (Gardner)

SI 14.4:410 Biorhythms and the timing of death

SI 15.1:75 Biological rhythms versus biorhythms

NS 85.1199

NS 1466 The pineal gland

Psychological Reports 1998, 83, 19-64 (reprint): Terence Hines

**BISHOP, Washington Irving

Skeptic 6.5:17 The man who died twice (Koval)


Freethinker 117.6:5 Review of "Madame Blavatsky's Baboon"

AmSkeptic 6.4:88 Review of "Madame Blavatsky's Baboon"


SI 19.2:50 "How to think about weird things" (Schick and Vaughn)

SI 19.2:52 Disputing Viking navigation by polarized skylight

SI 18.3:296 Bad Science" (Gary Taubes) [cold fusion]

SI 18.3:306 "The Sorcerer of Kings" (Gordon Stein) [Daniel Home]

SI 19.1:50 "House of Cards" (Robyn M Dawes)

SI 19.1:54 "Celestine Prophecy" (Paul Redfield)

SI 19.2:44 "Higher Superstition" (P R Gross & Norman Levitt)

Skeptic 9.2:26 "Guidelines for testing psychics" (Wiseman)

SI 20.2:46 "Radical Behaviorism" (Mecca Chiesa)

SI 20.2:49 "Cosmic Relief" (Connie L Schmidt)

SI 20.5:65 "Wordplay" (John Langdon. Harcourt-Brace)

SI 20.6:49 "Jeopardy in the Courtroom" by Ceci and Bruck

SI 20.6:52 "Test your psychic powers" by Blackmore and Hart-Davis

SI 21.2:46 Geoffrey Dean reviews "Astrology really works!"

SI 21.2:49 "Witnessed" (Budd Hopkins)

Briefs 7.1:2 Robert Baker reviews Strieber's "The Secret School"

SI 21.3:14 Martin Gardner reviews Courtney Brown's "Cosmic Voyage"

SI 21.3:44 James Rotton: review of "How the moon affects you"

Freethinker 117.6:5 Madame Blavatsky's Baboon (Peter Washington)

SI 21.5:55 "Scams from the great beyond" (Peter Huston)

SI 21.5:50 "Nutrition Forum" (anti-quackery newsletter)

SI 21.5:51 "Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine" (journal)

SI 21.5:53 Robert Baker reviews "In Search of Light" (Blackmore)

SI 21.5:64 William Jarvis on Jeane Dixon (letter)

SI 22.1:56 "Critical Thinking for Social Workers" (L Gibbs and E Gambrill)

SI 22.2:52 "The day after Roswell" (Philip J Corso & W J Birnes)


SI 17.4:380 The right hemisphere

Skeptic 10.2: 17 The myth of 10% use (Beyerstein)

SI 23.2:52 The ten-percent myth

SI 23.4:73 The ten-percent myth (letters)

Briefs June 98 Absence of mind

Free Inquiry 18.2:10 God module in the brain -- not

**BURT, Cyril

Skeptic 7.2:99 A re-evaluation (Ray Ward)

Skeptic 7.3:26 Donald Rooum

Skeptic 7.4:13

Australian Skeptic 48


SI 22.1:14 Is cannibalism a myth? (Martin Gardner)

SI 22.3:66 Replies to Martin Gardner (letters)


Zetetic 1.2:86 Truzzi reviews R de Mille

SI 2.2:114 Review of "The Second Ring of Power"

Skeptic 7.2:11

SI 22.5:8 Castaneda dies


Zetetic 1.2:55

SI 4.1:11 Mexico

SI 5.3:79

SI 9.4:374 Review of "Mute Evidence"

**CAYCE, Edgar

SI 4.1:51 Randi


Skeptic 10.1:5


SI 13.4:380 Brief history

SI 13.4:385 Psychology of channeling

SI 13,4:391 Linguistic analysis of channelers (Thomason)

SI 13.4:409 Book review

SI 14.2:216 Channeling and disorders

SI 17.3:253 J Z Knight divorce reveals workings of the business


SI 10.1:83 Review of two books


Skeptic 8.6:12 Qigong: Chinese pseudoscience (Alcock)


Skeptic 8.6:12 Qigong: Chinese peudoscience (Alcock)

Briefs 5.1:1 Paranormal in China (Wu Xianghong)

SI 20.4:19 Traditional medicine and pseudoscience in China (Part 1)

SI 19.5:38 China, chi, and chicanery

SI 20.5:27 Traditional medicine and pseudoscience in China (Part 2)

Briefs 7.1:11 Chinese superstitions in Taiwan


Briefs 3.2:3 Should chiropractors treat children? (Barrett)

Laser Roundup 12 (Jarvis)

SI 21.4:37 Chiropractic: Science and Antiscience and Pseudoscience


SI 16.2:125 Recording hoax


SI 15.2:173 A test, using signal detection


Free Inquiry 17.2 The virtues of "The Ethics of Belief"


Freethinker 117.4:3 Barbara Smoker on "Dolly" the cloned sheep

Free Inquiry 17.3:13 Thinking clearly about clones (Richard Dawkins)

Free Inquiry 17.3:15 Taboos without a clue

Free Inquiry 17.3:18 A humanist response

Free Inquiry 18.2:57 Cloning and human dignity


SI 6.2:18 Self-selection

Skeptic 9.4:17 Lies, damn lies, and statistics

SI 15.4:382 Paulos

Skeptic 4.2:12

NS 1613

Briefs 2.4:8

SI 22.5:23 Coincidences: remarkable or random?

SI 22.5:29 Numerology: comes the revolution


SI 14.2:161 Rothman

SI 14.4:437 (letters)

SI 16.2:179 Hines reviews Close

SI 16.3:301 Shore reviews "Fire from Ice"

SI 16.4:348

SI 17.1:201 Review by Hines

Skeptic 3.4:6

Skeptic 5.2:23 Anthony Garrett reviews Frank Close

Skeptic 6.6:6

Skeptic 7.3:

SI 18.3: 296 Hines reviews Gary Taubes

SI 22.3:8 Cold fusion saga ends at Utah birthplace


Zetetic 1.2:18 Hyman

SI 3.1:47 Sleight of tongue



Briefs 6.4:12


SI 23.3:40 SCAN or scam


Skeptic 6.3:18


NS 2196

Briefs June 96 Medicine after death

AmSkeptic 7.1:28 No evidence of success


Zetetic 1.2:80 Review of Wysong

SI 2.2:135 Wysong replies

SI 4.1:21

SI 6.2:40 Geocentricity and the flat earth

SI 7.1:5 Astronomy and creationism

SI 7.3:2 Dinosaur and human footprints at Paluxy

SI 9.3:290 Review of Henry Morris

SI 9.4:364 'Lucy' out of context

SI 10.1:182 Review of the literature

SI 10.3:202 George McCready Price (Gardner)

SI 10.3:258 Creationist evangelism

SI 10.4:298 Creationists lose in Florida

SI 11.1:61 Noah's Ark and ancient astronauts

SI 11.2:147 Creatonism and the Supreme Court (Seckel)

SI 12.2:128 Fundamentalists and evolution (Gardner)

SI 12.2:184 Supreme Court and creationism (Gould)

SI 13.2:185 Certainty and proof

SI 13.4:436 (letters)

SI 14.1:7 ICR still in business

SI 14.2:182 Newspaper editors

SI 14.3:245 Mivart (Gardner)

SI 15.1:105 Editors and evolution

SI 17.1:70 Social agenda of a pseudoscience

Skeptic 2.2:27 Stephen Moreton on Colin Wood

Skeptic 2.5:25 Stephen Moreton replies to Colin Wood

Skeptic 4.6:19 Donald Rooum

Skeptic 5.5:19 Why don't creationists talk about sex? (Rooum)

Laser 3.2:8 Stephen Jay Gould

Laser 3.2:10 Supreme Court Decision on Creation Science

laser Roundup 1 Roger Lewin

Laser Roundup 2 Stephen Jay Gould

Laser Roundup 3 Brief for the Supreme Court

Laser Roundup 5 Murray Gell-Mann

Australian Skeptic 26 Paranoia in creationism

SI 19.2:30 Kuznetsov's anti-evolution paper demolished

Skeptic 9.3:8 Martin Bridgstock (in Australia)

SI 22.2:6 Sandia scientists on validity of earth dating

SI 22.2:7 Victory over creation science in Australia

SI 22.2:12 Did Adam and Eve have navels? (Martin Gardner)


**CROOKES, Sir William

SI 15.1:62


SI 16.2:136 Nickell and Fischer

SI 16.4:434 (letters)

Skeptic 4.2:15 David Fisher

Skeptic 5.5:6

Skeptic 5.6:9 Martin Hempstead

Skeptic 6.1:26

Skeptic 6.4:19 Hoaxers on trial (Robin Allen)

Skeptic 7.2:6 Robin Allen

NS 1722 Meaden

NS 1726

NS 1783 Fractals

SI 18.2:191 Robert Baker reviews "Round in Circles" (Schnabel)

Skeptic 8.1:6 Robin Allen

Skeptic 8.2:6 Robin Allen

SI 19.3:41 Crop Circle Mania wanes (Joe Nickell)

AmSkeptic 7.1:12 Crop circle hoaxes


SI 6.4:11

SI 6.4:16 Mokele-Mbembe

SI 8.2:117

SI 10.1:111 Mokele-Mbembe

SI 10.4:307 (Sheaffer)

SI 13.4:348

Briefs 5.1:9 Literature of Cryptozoology (Gordon Stein)

SI 23.4:78 Taxonomy, not cryptozoology (letters)

SI 23.2:18 The Silver Lake serpent


SI 22.6:15 The Skull of Doom of Lubaantun


SI 13.2:206

SI 13.4:397

SI 13,4:417 Book reviews

Skeptic 3.2:15 Stephen Moreton

Skeptic 8.1:15 Ian Plimer (Professor of Geology)

SI 20.4:59 A geologist's enlightened notes on crystal power


SI 10.1:98 The 1985 conference in London

SI 10.3:229 CSICOP after ten years (Kurtz)

SI 12.1:38 Sagan on skepticism

SI 13.2:114 CSICOP wins Hawaii court case

SI 16.2:114 On being sued

SI 18.1:4 CSICOP wins lawsuit in Maryland

NS 100.1384 CSICOP Symposium

NS 1556 Report on CSICOP Conference

NS 1561 Hšvelman on CSICOP Conference

NS 1641 CSICOP Conference

NS 1791 CSICOP Conference (Grossman)

Briefs 3.3:1 Euroskeptics conference in Keele 1993

SI 20.4:5 History (Paul Kurtz)

Briefs 7.2:1 Media Stock Fund


SI 6.4:12

Skeptic 2.6:20 Mike Hutchinson


Laser 3.2:14


SI 16.2:167 Cornelis de Jager

SI 16.4:436 (letters)

SI 17.1:107 (letters)


Skeptic 5.1:7 Interviewed by Mike Hutchinson

**DARWIN, Charles

AmSkeptic 7.1:95 The Huxley debate / Deathbed stories

**DAWKINS, Richard

SI 19.1: Putting away childish things

Freethinker 117.6: Religionists invited to scientific debates


SI 8.3:239 Kurtz on debunking and skepticism

SI 9.4:319 Gardner

SI 13.3:300 Debunking

LASER 3.1:11 Seckel


SI 21.2:43 Metal pans are better


SI 11.1:51 Dentistry and pseudoscience


SI 22.3:68 Dangers (letters)


AmSkeptic 6.4:72 The lost world of Jack Horner


SI 20.6: A re-evaluation of their claimed astronomical knowledge


SI 4.1:16 Randi

SI 6.4:34 Divining in Australia (Dick Smith)

SI 8.2:138

SI 8.4:329 Dowsing an electronic circuit (Randi)

SI 12.3:234 Avalanche dowsing in Norway

Skeptic 2.5:10 Denys Parsons

NS 92.1276

NS 1552 Magnetism

NS 1555 Dowsing (letters)

NS 1737 Physics of a dowsing pendulum

SI 20.2:50 The Scheunen Experiments in Germany

Briefs 7.1:8 Statement by US Geological Survey

SI 22.1:32 Dowsing the Rollright Stones monument

SI 23.1:39 Failure of the Munich experiments

SI 23.2:33 Dowsing and archeology

SI 23.3:64 Evaluating the Munich experiments (letters)

AmSkeptic 6.4:6 The matter of dowsing (Randi)


SI 22.6:17

**EDISON, Thomas

SI 20.4:9 Edison, paranormalist (Martin Gardner)


SI 20.3:8 Martin Gardner


18.4:4343 Letters and reply

Skeptic 10.3:17 The media and the pylon scare

SI 23.1:9 American Physical Society: no evidence of health effects


SI 20.6:21 Eugene Emerey reviews CD-ROM encyclopedias


SI 4.4:6 ESP and statistics

SI 5.4:22 A conceptual analysis (Gendin)

SI 6.4:65 Response to Gendin by Morris and Clyde Hardin

SI 6.4:70 Gendin's rejoinder

SI 8.4:322 Evidence for ESP (Hansel)

Briefs 9.2:13 Sony Corporation's research


SI 22.4:43 A not-so-remarkable cancer remedy


Free Inquiry 18.2:


Free Inquiry 17.1: 4 Assisted suicide

Free Inquiry 17.1:5 Euthanasia in the Netherlands

Freethinker 117.6:3


SI 20.6:8 New Mexico's Board of Education drops the word

Free Inquiry 17.1:10 Catholic Primate clings to evolution

Free Inquiry 17.1:11 The Pope, Evolution, and the Soul (Mario Bunge)

AmSkeptic 7.1:37 Selection for credulity

Free Inquiry 18.2:37 Evolution and creationism in schools


SI 15.3:255 For

SI 15.3:263 Against

SI 16.1:94 (letters)

SI 17.3:288 SETI

Laser 3.2:6 Defending SETI


Briefs 7.1:12 Can eye movements cure mental ailments


SI 22.4:23 Global Surveyor Photographs


SI 17.4:394


SI 17.3:270

SI 17.3:281

SI 18.1:100 (letters)

SI 19.1:6 Scientifically invalid, says APA


Zetetic 2.1:45 Sheaffer

NS 79.1115 Fairy photos

Skeptic 10.1:14 Cottingley fairies


SI 11.1:28 Robert Steiner

Skeptic 5.5:9 Dr Peter May on the healing of Mrs Jean Neil

Skeptic 7.4:21 Cerullo (Grossman)

Laser Roundup 24 Peter Popoff (Seckel)

Freethinker 118.6:11


SI 17.4:370 Gardner

SI 18.1:73 Review of "The Abuse of Innocence"

Briefs 3.2:1 Kendrick Frazier: a plea to psychotherapists

SI 18.4:342 American Psychiatric Association statement

SI 18.5:464 Gardner

SI 19.2:9 Elizabeth Loftus

SI 19.2:20 Elizabeth Loftus


SI 12.2: 16 Martin Gardner


Skeptic 9.3:5

Skeptic 11.3:16 Feng shui phooey


SI 15.1:40

SI 15.3:322 (letters)




Skeptic 6.4:10 Frank Chambers

Skeptic 6.6:12 Steuart Campbell

NS 66.952

NS 69.989

NS 70.996

NS 72.1032

NS 89.1235 Fireballs and UFOs

NS 1761 Ball lightning in microwaves

NS 1865


SI 10.1:23 Leikind and McCarthy

SI 10.1:36

SI 10.3:284 (letters)

NS 1461 Cherfas

NS 1725 Blackmore

NS 1727

Laser 1.2:6 Caltech

Laser Roundup 7

Laser Roundup 9 A firewalk in Japan (Leikind)

SI 23.1:5 World's longest firewalk


Freethinker 117.5: 6 Saudi Arabian edict that Earth is flat


Briefs 2.3:5 Vitamin wars (Barrett)

Briefs 3.3:7 The Delaney clause (Rothman)


Free Inquiry 18.2:43 Lewis Vaughan and Theodore Schick, Jr


Briefs 7.2:4 A brief history of Friday the 13th (Joe Nickell)


SI 13.3:252 Gardner

SI 17.1:48 Gaia without mysticism

SI 17.3:333 Gaia without mysticism (letters)


SI 15.2:137

SI 15.4:435 (letters)

SI 16.4:347 Criticised

**GARDNER, Martin

Skeptic6.1:5 As Cosmic Trickster in Seattle

SI 22.2:34 A mind at play:Interview with Gardner



Zetetic 1.2:9 Marks and Kamman

Zetetic 1.2:125 Geller refuses CSICP test

Zetetic 1.2:126 Metallurgist backs down from support

Zetetic 1.2:126 Metal-fracture analyst debunks Geller's spoon

SI 2.2:25 Randi

SI 7.2:33 Martin Gardner on Geller at SRI

SI 11.2:120 Dowsing for minerals

SI 11.3:226 Deceptions

SI 12.1:75 Catching Geller in the act

SI 14.1:49 Feynman

SI 16.4:339 Freedom of Inquiry under siege

SI 17.1:5 Suit against CSICOP dismissed

SI 17.4:355 CSICOP awarded sanctions against Geller

Skeptic 1.2:4 Geller on Wogan

Skeptic 1.2:10 The Geller bumph (Frank Chambers)

Skeptic 1.4:21 Review of Geller's "Fortune Secrets" (Grossman)

Skeptic 1.5:5 Geller in Reading (Mike Hutchinson)

Skeptic 1.5:16 Geller branded a fake

Skeptic 1 5:30 Geller's hot-air balloon

Skeptic 2.1:12 Geller's boat

Skeptic 2.4:9 A thorn in Geller's side (Mike Hutchinson)

Skeptic 3.4:18 Feynman, Richard

Skeptic 3.5:22 Mike Hutchinson

Skeptic 4.6:16 Dominic Twose

NS 62.895

NS 64.919


NS 64.922

NS 64.923

NS 78.1097

Laser 4.4:8 Feynman, Richard

SI 19.2:5 Columbia Court of Appeal text - excerpts

SI 20.5:18 Geller and Reading football team (Robert Sheaffer)

Skeptic 10.4:11 ASA complaint

AmSkeptic 6.4:34 Hyman replies to Geller


SI 17.3:261 Korzybski and E-Prime (Gardner)

SI 18.1:103 Gardner and critics


SI 12.4:344 Moving continents and shifting ideas

SI 12.4:360 Predicting earthquakes

SI 12.4:398 Wegener and pseudoscience


**GILOVICH, Thomas

SI 21.2:31 Some systematic biases of everyday judgment

**GIRARD, Jean-Pierre

SI 2.2:30


Skeptic 5.3:15 Speaking in tongues

**GOLD (anomalous)

SI 22.1:38

**GOLD, Tommy

SI 11.1:21 Gardner

SI 11.3:312 (letters)


SI 11.4:346

SI 13.1:64 Furnham

SI 13.3:241

Skeptic 5.1:16

NS 1711

NS 1766 Graphotherapy

Laser 4.4:17


AmSkeptic 6.4:12


SI 16.3:244 Gardner


SI 8.2:149 The haunting of the Ivan Vassilli

SI 11.1:84 Ghost-busting (Baker)

SI 11.2:137 The West Pittston haunted house (Kurtz)

SI 11.4:424 The West Pittston haunted house (Busch)

SI 11.4428 Ghostbusting

SI 13.1:80 Review of book on the West Pittston haunting

SI 13.2:196 Review of "Appearances of the Dead"

SI 13.2:211 Henry Gordon

SI 16.3:400 Ghost lights of Texas

LASER ROUNDUP 53 SCS investigates LA's ghost

Skeptic 10.1:12 Haunted pub (Richard Wiseman)

SI 20.4:13 Ghostly photos (Joe Nickell)


NS 1642 Chinese herbal medicine

NS 2196 St john's Wort and cataracts


SI 15.3:250 The green-marker myth and others

SI 16.1:90

SI 16.1:102 (letters)

Skeptic 3.4:10 David Fisher


SI 20.6:14 Physicist Alan Sokal's sociology hoax

SI 22.4:14 Ten top paranormal hoaxes (Joe Nickell)

SI 22.5:7 April Fool joke on pi

SI 22.5:

Briefs 8.4:8 A fake petroglyph in the desert


SI 18.3:295 Hines reviews Deborah Lipstadt


SI 15.2:117

**HOME, Daniel

SI 10.4:370 Beloff and Gardner

SI 11.2:210 Beloff on Gardner

SI 12.3:333 Beloff on Daniel Home

SI 15.3:327 (letters)

SI 16.1:107 Gordon Stein (letters)


SI 12.1:56

SI 12.3:331 (letters)

SI 12.4:441 (letters)

SI 13.2.132 Benveniste (Gardner)

SI 13.2:142 Benveniste (Randi)

SI 13.4:430 A defence and Randi's reply

SI 14.1:90 Benveniste

SI 14.2:218 Benveniste: Randi replies

SI 15.2:115 Homeopathy in Canada

Skeptic 2.5:9 Benveniste

Skeptic 4.3:6 Steve Donnelly

Skeptic 6.4:6 Jan Willem Nienhuys

NS 1402

NS 1624 Randi and "Nature" investigate Benveniste

NS 1625

NS 1626 Editorial on Benveniste

NS 1637 Benveniste affair closed

NS 1699 Benveniste makes a comeback

NS 1760 Return of Benveniste

NS 1774

Laser 4.4:19 Benveniste (Schneour)

SI 18.3:2320 Benveniste: no replication

Skeptic 11.2: 4 Homeopathic detergent

Skeptic 11.2: 5 Benveniste sends homeopathis influences by email

NS 2101:3 Editorial on homeopathy -- no rise above statistical noise

NS 2101:12 Benveniste hits out

SI 22.1:19 Benveniste: emailed antigens


SI 11.2:186 Bees, cats, people (Randi)


SI 18.1:33


Skeptic 6.3:18 Cosmic Ice Theory


SI 22.2:9 Houdini seance

SI 22.2:40 Houdini and Conan Doyle (Massimo Polidoro)

**HOYLE. Fred

NS 76.1078 Diseases from space

NS 76.1080 Diseases from space

NS 77.1084 Diseases from space

NS 77.1086 Evolution from space


SI 9.4:348

SI 11.3:303

SI 20.3:51

**HUME, David

Free Inquiry 17.1:38 The Immortal David Hume

SI 21.6:7 Statue in Edinburgh

Free Inquiry 17.4:55 Statue in Edinburgh

**HURKOS, Peter

SI 13.2:116


Skeptic 8.3:12


SI 5.3:16 UFO abductions (Klass and Hilgard)

SI 12.2:147 Hypnotic regression and abductees (Baker)

SI 12.2:174 Past-life regression (Spanos)

SI 12.2:181 A stage performer's view (Reveen)

SI 12.4:386 Hypnosis and reincarnation

SI 12.4:436 Baker's hypnotic regression article (letters)

SI 13.1:106 Spanos and H B Gibson (letters)

SI 14.2:217 Hypnosis and pain

SI 14.3:302 Review of Spanos and Chaves

SI 15.4:405 Review of Baker's "They call it hypnosis"

Skeptic 2.3:20 Michael Heap on Peter Casson

Skeptic 4.1:7 Hypnosis and the occult (Gibson)

Skeptic 4.1:12 What is hypnosis?

Skeptic 4.4:30 Wagstaff

Skeptic 7.3:5 Hypnosis and crime

NS 2141:26 Hypnosis and brain changes

AmSkeptic 7.1:40 Hypnosis for the 21st century


SI 20.3:21 Report of CSICOP's Human Error Workshop

SI 20.3:23 Sensory illusions


Briefs 9.2:11 Robert Baker


SI 18.3:316 Andrus


Skeptic 8.6:17 Brian W Haines


SI 19.1:7 Prizes for 1994


SI 17.4:416 Book review

Skeptic 3.5:20 Wendy Grossman

Skeptic 8.4:8 IQ scores

Skeptic 8.5:27 Letter from J W Nienhuys

Skeptic 10.1:10


Briefs 6.4:1 Pseudoscience on the Internet (Milton Rothman)


SI 11.1:56 Atmospheric electricity and ions

SI 11.3:303


SI 7.3:23

Skeptic 3.4:16


New Humanist p173 Siting of mosque in Regent's Park

Freethinker 117.4:2 Islamophobia

Freethinker 117.6:4 Disasters attending the hajj

Freethinker 117.7:2 Protecting Muslims from discrimination

Freethinker 117.12:3 Runnymede Trust report: "Islamophobia"

Freethinker 117.12:4 Runnymede Trust report: "Islamophobia"

Freethinker 117.12:10 The Muslim Council of Britain

Freethinker 117.12:14 Female genital mutilation

Freethinker 118.2:5 UK government funds Muslim schools

Freethinker 118.2:11 Islam and brutality

Freethinker 118.5:4 TV cartoon on the life of Mohammed

Freethinker 118.6:2 Muslims cause withdrawal of football

Freethinker 118.7:5 The Nation of Islam

Freethinker 118.11:9 Blasphemy warrant against Taslima Nasreen

Freethinker 118.11:26 A broadside by Anwar Shaikh


Free Inquiry 18.2:40 Jefferson and race

Free Inquiry 18.4:6 The real Jefferson on religion


Freethinker 117.4:11 British Jewry's sectarian strife

Freethinker 117.7:5 The eruv controversy

Freethinker 118.2:11 Judaism and brutality

Freethinker 118.7:6 The eruv controversy

Freethinker 118.11:11 The eruv controversy


SI 15.1:25 The physics of a karate strike

SI 15.3:332 (letters)


SI 19.2:13

AmSkeptic 6.4:40 Case closed

AmSkeptic 6.4:51 Case open


SI 17.1:57

SI 17.3:335 (letters)


SI 10.3:244

SI 13.2:172


SI 16.1:4 Commentary on his conference lecture

SI 16.3:326 Penn Jillette (letter)

SI 19.1:21 Kreskin flubs again


2.3:8 Interviewed by Wendy Grossman


Briefs 8.4:11 Words and science


Zetetic 2.1:7 Also Doug Henning

SI 2.2:12 Miracle at Shivpuri

SI 13.3:277 Gordon Stein

SI 13.3:289 Some physics

SI 15.1:30 The finger-lift levitation (Gardner)

SI 15.2:119 Photo a fake

SI 17.3:267 Levitating Linda

**LEE, Dennis

SI 21.4:34 Dennis Lee's Free-energy machine


NS 96.1337/8

NS 97.1342 (letter)



SI 11.4:367 Linguistic analysis and reincarnation (Thomason)

SI 12.3:321 Thomason and critic

SI 13.4:391 Linguistic analysis of channelers (Thomason)

Skeptic 5.3:15 Speaking in tongues

Briefs 3.3:11 Creole and double negatives (Thomason)

SI 19.4:3 Artificial languages (Martin Gardner)


SI 19.1:14 Martin Gardner


Zetetic 2.1:110 Heuvelmans reviews Mackal

SI 7.2:42 Steuart Campbell

SI 8.2:175 Review of Binns' "The Loch Ness mystery solved"

SI 9.2:147 Sonar and photographic searches (with flipper photo)

SI 9.4:382 Rines and critics

SI 9.4:394 Letter

SI 11.3:293 Review of Henry Bauer's book

SI 12.4:427 Review of Steuart Campbell's book

Skeptic 3.3:22 Steuart Campbell reviews Nicholas Witchell

Skeptic 6.2:18 Steuart Campbell

SI 18.4:338 Surgeon's photo a fake

SI 19.2:62 Steuart Campbell suspicious of the Nessie fake

Briefs 6.3:7 Nessie Hoax Redux (Joe Nickell)


Briefs 7.2:7 Can you prove it


SI 6.4:4

Skeptic 9.4:5 Infected water


SI 15.4:362 Blackmore

SI 16.2:213 (letters)

Skeptic 10.2:13 Duncan Barford


SI 3.3:68 Biological tides, by Abell

SI 4.1:75 Suicides and homicide

SI 7.1:62 James Rotton reviews "Full Moons"

SI 9.3:236 Homicides

SI 10.1:129 The moon was full and nothing happened

SI 11.1:108 Authors reply to letters on full moon

SI 14.3:298 Worldwide disasters and moon phase

SI 19.4:30 Did the moon sink the Titanic?

SI 21.3:44 James Rotton: review of "How the moon affects you"

SI 11.4:7 Myths and moonshine


SI 11.1:17 Magic Circle's Occult Committee

SI 15.3:286 Henry Gordon

Skeptic 3.5:22 Mike Hutchinson

Skeptic 5.1:7 Paul Daniels interviewed by Mike Hutchinson

NS 98.1364 Magicians in the laboratory

Briefs 2.3:11 CSICOP sub-committee on magic proposed

Briefs 3.2:7 Secrets

Laser Roundup 56 David Alexander

Offprint 1 (BAAS) Science and parascience (Harry Collins)

SI 22.2:59 Exposing magic: the masked magician on TV


Offprint 2 (BAAS) Magnetic sense: human navigation (Robin Baker)

SI 22.1:27 Magnetic water and fuel treatment

SI 22.3:61 Magnetic fuel treatments (letters)

SI 22.4:25 Magnetic therapy


SI 16.3:254 JAMA hoodwinked


Skeptic 4.5:6 Management consultants (Anthony Garrett)

Skeptic 5.1:14 Ian Woods

**MANNING, Matthew

Zetetic 2.1:9


SI 11.1:32 Antarctica

**MARCUS, Ronnie

Briefs 7.1:14 Marcus-Pocus (by Ray Hyman)



Skeptic 8.4:6 Myths of secret powers


SI 6.3:14 Donald Duck

SI 10.1:14 (Gardner)

SI 11.3:296 Review of "The Face on Mars"

SI 12.4:340

SI 13.1:76 Book reviews

Skeptic 7.4:6

NS 2130:10 The face is a hill


Skeptic 5.2:12 The Marie Celeste Mystery: Solved?

Skeptic 7.5:6 A Celestial Mystery Revisited (Brian Haines)

Skeptic 8.5:13 Mary Celeste revisited ( Alan Hunt)


SI 15.2:153 Mass hysteria on the West Bank


SI 18.1:52 Mathematical magic for skeptics (Arthur Benjamin)

SI 20.2: 53 Afro-American contributions to mathematics

SI 20.3:39 Fun and fallacies with numbers (Marilyn vos Savant)


Skeptic 2.2:30 Body imprint

**McKENNA, Paul

Freethinker 117.8:11 "The Paranormal World of Paul McKenna" (TV)

**MEAD, Margaret

SI 17.1:131 Gardner

SI 17.4:435 Gardner and critics

SI 22.6:29 Pro Mead

SI 22.6:35 Pro Mead


SI 10.1:126 Pseudoscience and Associated Press

SI 15.1:89 Review of "Media Hoaxes"

SI 15.1:99 Police, media, and satanism (letters)

SI 15.1:105 Editors and evolution

SI 16.4:430 A tabloid encyclopedia?

NS 1761 The paranormal in the media (Grossman)

SI 21.2:21 Seasonof the supernatural (Eugene Emery)

Free Inquiry 18.2:5 Media conglomerates


SI 9.3:270 Deceptive patients

SI 19.4:6 The tryptophan disaster

SI 19.5:4 No link between power lines and cancer

SI 19.5:47 Hines reviews Glenn Doman on brain-injured children

Skeptic 9.4:9 The social psychology of healing (Michael Heap)

Skeptic 9.4:15 Quackery now and then

Skeptic 11.2:12 Ginseng

NS 2148:4 Salt and blood pressure

Skeptic 11.4:10 Super blue-green algae

Briefs 8.4:1 Peddling snake oil (Joe Nickell)

Briefs 8.4:9 Medical intuitives (Robert A Baker)




SI 9.3:243 Guadalupe image (Nickell and Fischer)

SI 10.4:295 Bleeding statue in Quebec

SI 10.4:319 Miracles and repeatability (Flew)

SI 16.3:236 Duplicating the liquefaction of blood

SI 17.1:91 The Bloody Miracle of San Gennaro

SI 17.1:104 The liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro

SI 17.2:120 A visitation at Cold Spring

SI 17.2:209 Liquefying blood

Skeptic 1,1:6 Knock: papal visit

Skeptic 1.1:10 Moving statues

Skeptic 1.4:11 Knock

Skeptic 1.6: 27 Statues on the move

Skeptic2.1:17 Knock

Skeptic 2.1:36 Knock

Skeptic 2.2:28 Knock

Skeptic 5.4:16 More light on Medjugorje

Skeptic 6.4:16 The science of miracles

Skeptic 6.6:9 The fasting woman of Tutbury

Skeptic 7.1:5 Visions of the Virgin Mary

Skeptic 7.2:13 A metallurgical miracle

NS 1612 Image of Christ is country music singer

SI 18.5:477 Joe Nickell

SI 19.5:6 Weeping Madonna in Italy (Massimo Polidoro)

Free Inquiry 14.2:48 Medjugorje

Skeptic 10.3:6 Yogananda - incorruptibility of body after death

SI 21.2: 19 Weeping icon in Toronto (Joe Nickell)

Free Inquiry 17.2:4 Tampa Bay's Virgin Mary apparition

Free Inquiry 17.2:5 Tearful icons (Joe Nickell)

SI 21.6: 21 Miraculous rose petals?

SI 22.1:17 Jesus among the clouds (Joe Nickell)

SI 22.6:15 Image of Guadaloupe

SI 22.6:24 The miraculous stairway of Santa Fe (Joe Nickell)

Freethinker 119.1:7 Religious relics

Freethinker 119.1:3 Disestablishment in the UK?

Freethinker 119.1:7 Images of God (The Popes pronouncement)

Freethinker 119.1:13 Ditto: Radio 4 follow-up


SI 10.3:258

SI 11.1:108 (letters)



Free Inquiry 18.1:31 Mother Theresa's House of Illusions

Free Inquiry 18.2:7 Mother Theresa's life and death in the media

Free Inquiry 18.2:52 Journalists or defenders of the faith


Skeptic 10.4:6 John Gillies

SI 22.3:44 Witchcraft survives in the 20th century

SI 22.6:54 Book review



SI 5.3:71 Review of Arthur Clarke's "Mysterious World"

SI 6.4:10 Arthur Lindgren reads gramopone records

SI 6.4:38 The Great Lakes Triangle

SI 7.1:46 Includes recommended book-titles

SI 8.2:149 The haunting of the Ivan Vassilli

SI 8.4:382 The proof that bumble-bees can't fly

Skeptic 1.2:5 Brooke Bond mystery cards

Skeptic 1.2:13 Review of "You've been duped" (Melvin Harris)

Skeptic 2.4:18 Mike Hutchinson reviews Time-Life

NS 1615 Raining frogs etc

SI 20.2:19 Miracle photographs (Joe Nickell)


SI 23.3:44 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act


SI 2.2:133 Two letters (one by Randi)

SI 7.3:36 Joe Nickell

SI 12.4;426 Book review



SI 15.1:40

SI 15.3:322 (letters)


SI 13.1:37 Evaluation by National Academy of Sciences


SI 13.2:189 Michael Crichton's "Travels" (book review)

SI 13.3:226 New light on the New Age

SI 13.4:353 What's in and what's out

SI 13.4:365 Paul Kurtz

SI 13.4:368

SI 13.4:375

SI 13.4:401 Consumer culture and the New Age

SI 13.4:401 Shirley MacLaine

SI 13.4:409 Review of two books

SI 14.2:212 New Age and Science (letters)

SI 14.4:339

Skeptic 5.2:7

Skeptic 6.4:12 Physics in the New Age (Part 1)

Skeptic 6.5:13 Physics in the New Age (Part 2)

LASER 3.3:4 The New Age marketplace

**NEWTON, Sir Isaac

SI 20.5:13 Newton -- alchemist and fundamentalist (Martin Gardner)


SI 9.3:219 Sheaffer

SI 11.1:61

SI 11.2:213 (letters)

SI 12.4:359

SI 13.2:193 Review of Berlitz book

SI 13.4:443 (letters)

Skeptic 1.6:14

Briefs 3.1:11 CBS program

SI 18.2:117 CBS program

SI 22.1:8 Ian Plimer's court battle with creationists

SI 22.3:19 Photos of Mount Ararat (Robert Sheaffer)


SI 13.1:20 California earthquake (Seckel)

Skeptic 5.1:11 Nostradamus and the Middle East crisis


Zetetic 2.1:57 Klass

Skeptic 5.1:10


SI 7.3:53

SI 21.5:16 The numerology of Dr Rashad Khalifa (Martin Gardner)


SI 15.2:128 Tipler and the anthropic principle


Briefs 9.2:10 What do you think


SI 17.1:126 Jerry Andrus


Skeptic 11.2:6 Is trade in human organs myth or reality



SI 3.3:25 Alcock

SI 11.4:349 Woody Allen

SI 12.2:201 Blackmore's review of "After the Beyond"

SI 15.3:230 Comments on "Flatliners"

SI 16.1:22

SI 16.1:35 Blackmore

SI 16.3:327 Depersonalization and OBEs (Blackmore)

SI 20.4:27 Maria's near-death experience (shoe outside hospital window)

Skeptic 2.4:15 Antony Flew

Skeptic 3.3:14 Blackmore

Skeptic 7.1:18 Tunnel vision

Skeptic 7.3:13 Interview with Blackmore

Skeptic 7.4:9 Neural networks and NDEs

NS 1797 Near death experiences in Japan

LASER ROUNDUP 28 Ronald Siegel


SI 18.5:488 Reader's guide to the controversy (Rensberger)

SI 19.2:58 Letters and Rensberger's reply


SI 17.1:188 Can oysters sense where the moon is?

SI 17.4:448


SI 7.2:21

SI 15.1:36

Skeptic 3.4:5


SI 2.2:6 Randi on Carl Sargent

SI 3.2:14 A Science? (Frazier)

SI 3.3:3 Taylor

SI 3.3:12 Wheeler at the AAAS

SI 5.2:60 Hyman reviews Marks and Kamman

SI 5.3:58 Shneour reviews Flim-Flam

SI 6.3:76 Hansel replies to Hyman on Quantum PK

SI 6.4:18 David Marks on remote viewing

SI 6.4:54 Review of Alcock's "Parapsychology: Science or Magic?"

SI 7.2:55 In defense of skepticism

SI 7.2:55 Abell reviews "Science and Unreason" by D & M Radner

SI 7.3:96 Project Alpha

SI 8.2:102 Project Beta (Randi)

SI 8.2:111 Magicians in the lab (Martin Gardner)

SI 8.2:121 Sense and nonsense in parapsychology (Hoebens)

SI 8.2:180 Randi reviews Eysenck's "Know your own psi-q"

SI 8.3:198 Project Alpha aftermath

SI 8.3:259 Proving negatives

SI 8.3:271 Klass reviews "Mindwars"

SI 8.4:296 Objections to BBC's Horizon programme on ESP

SI 8.4:312 Lack-of-progress report (Alcock)

SI 8.4:344 Misperception and the occult

SI 8.4:373 Review of Horizon programme on ESP

SI 8.4:379 Margaret Mead (letter anti Gardner)

SI 9.1:13 Koestler foundation

SI 9.1:62 Similarities between twins

SI 9.1:67 Changing beliefs in the paranormal

SI 9.2:118 Gardner reviews "The Mind Race" (Targ and Harary)

SI 9.2:125 Hyman on "The Mind Race"

SI 9.2:159 Final interview with Milbourne Christopher

SI 9.3:299 Beloff and Gardner (letters)

SI 10.1:2 Ganzfeld

SI 10.1:6 Robert Morris gets Koestler appointment

SI 10.1:116 Gardner on Robert Morris

SI 10.1:144 USSR

SI 10.4:292 Nature slams parascience

SI 10.4:303 Gardner

SI 10.4:310 Occam's razor (Schneour)

SI 10.4:319 Miracles and repeatability (Flew)

SI 11.1"91 Maimonides dream-telepathy (Hyman)

SI 11.3:244 Ten years of negative research (Blackmore)

SI 12.1:103 Letters on Blackmore

SI 12.2:163 The brain and psi (Beyerstein)

SI 12.3:226 Row over Sargent's psi experiments

SI 12.3:240 Obligation to disclose fraud (Gardner)

SI 12.3:248 Neuropathology and spiritual possession (Beyerstein)

SI 13.1:34 Evaluation by National Academy of Sciences

SI 13.1:84 Review of "Oxford Companion to the Mind"

SI 13.1:92 Neuropathology and spiritual possession (letters)

SI 13.1:95 Brain and psi (Janov replies to Beyerstein)

SI 13.2:147 Precognition and psychophysics

SI 13.2:161 Reaction-time test of ESP and precognition (Hines)

SI 13.2:216 Mensa beliefs

SI 13.4:444 Mensa beliefs (letters)

SI 14.3:255 The Soviet Union

SI 15.1:15 Public policy and the paranormal

SI 15.4:348 USSR

SI 16.1:87 Harary on "The Mind Race"

SI 16.1:88 Gardner on "The Mind Race"

SI 16.1:89 Jahn's statistics

SI 16.3:229 Scientists' opinions of ESP and PK

SI 16.3:233 Best ways of training for tasks

SI 16.3:329 Jahn's statistics

SI 16.4:367 Psychic illusions (Blackmore)

SI 17.2:115 Nick Humphrey

SI 17.3:306 Honorton's legacy to parapsychology (Blackmore)

SI 17.4:357 Remote viewing plagued with defects

Skeptic 1.6:30 Reviews of "Was Anybody There?" (TV)

Skeptic 2.2:16 S G Soal: Master of Deception (Chris Scott)

Skeptic 2.3:12 The case against ESP (Anthony Garrett)

Skeptic 2.3:14 Telepathy: a mechanism? No (Steve Donnelly)

Skeptic 2.3:22 Steuart Campbell reviews Blackmore on "Antenna"

Skeptic 2.5:15 Fraud (H B Gibson)

Skeptic 2.5:20 Mike Hutchinson reviews Bob Couttie

Skeptic 4.1:18 The case for psi (Beloff)

Skeptic 4.1:21 The case against psi (John Maddox)

Skeptic 4.5:8 Stephen Fry

Skeptic 4.5:13 David Fisher against meta-analysis

Skeptic 4.5:16 Jessica Utts defends statistics

Skeptic 5.4:18 Dualism, ESP, and belief

Skeptic 5.6:6 Seeing is believing? (Blackmore)

Skeptic 6.1:12 Soviet Union

Skeptic 7.1:7 Skeptics and the paranormal in Hong Kong

Skeptic 7.1:9 Obituary: Charles Honorton (Blackmore)

NS 66.946 Berglas on Taylor

NS 948 Taylor on Berglas

NS 66.952 Children bend spoons

NS 67.960 Randi at Psychic News

NS 69.983 Evil eye affects football games

NS 75.1060 Spoon bending

NS 79.1115 Fairy photos

NS 82.1154 Changing Skylab by thoughts

NS 84.1180 Parapsychology

NS 95.1323 Beloff

NS 97.1342 American scientists and ESP

NS 97.1343 Randi's spoonbenders

NS 98.1367 Scientists and the supernormal (Brandon)

NS 1735 Lure of the paranormal (Blackmore)

NS 1750 Blackmore on consciousness

NS 1761 The paranormal in the media (Grossman)

NS 1768 Grossman reviews Braude on psychokinesis

NS 1769 DVLC says 666 is unlucky

NS 1777 Lawsuits and critics of the paranormal (Grossman)

NS 1829 Blackmore reviews parapsychology book

NS 1831 Nick Humphrey (two items)

NS 1833 Honorton and Josephson on telepathy

NS 1873 Telepathy (Honorton/Ganzfeld)

Briefs 3.1:9 Bergen Evans and Nick Humphrey

Briefs 3.3:3 Judge Hornby's dream (Baker)

Laser Roundup 32 Science and parapsychology

Offprint 1 (BAAS) Science and parascience (Harry Collins)

Offprint 3 (BAAS) Brian Inglis on the paranormal

Offprint 4 (BAAS) Some case histories (Ruth Brandon)

Offprint 5 (Journal of the SPR) Psi in science (Blackmore)

New Humanist p175 Laws, miracles and repeatability (Flew)

New Humanist p177 John Taylor looks at the paranormal

New Humanist p178 Mark Hansel

New Humanist p180 Trevor Hall on psychical research

New Humanist p181 Responsibility in parapsychology (Dingwall)

New Humanist p183 Berglas

Skeptic 8.1:13 Parapsychology in the UK (Tony Lawrence)

Skeptic 9.6:8 Blackmore asks for more anecdotes

SI 20.2:12 Claiborne Pell: Senator from Outer Space (Gardner)

SI 20.2:21 Military's program on psychic spying (Ray Hyman)

SI 20.2:24 Evidence for psychic functioning (Ray Hyman)

SI 20.4:63 Letter -- Army Research Institute did no original research

Skeptic 10.3:12 Sheep and Goats (Chris French)

Skeptic 10.4: Books on the paranormal for children (Wiseman/Jeffreys)

Freethinker 117.8:11 "Paranormal World of Paul McKenna" (TV)

SI 21.4:44 Alla Vinogradova (Massimo Polidoro)

SI 22.4:35 Paranormal depictions in the media

SI 22.5:8 Premanand gets India's highest award for science popularization

SI 22.5:14 Temple University (Martin Gardner)

SI 22.6:49 Electromagnetic fields and telepathy (Lawrence Krauss)


Briefs 8.4:1 Peddling snake oil (Joe Nickell)

**PAULING, Linus

SI 13.4:440 (letters)

SI 19.1:18 The dark side, by Stephen Barrett


SI 15.3:286 Henry Gordon


SI 12.4:392 Pitfalls of perception

SI 13.2:214 Pitfalls of perceptions (letters)


SI 15.3:245 Gardner

SI 16.1:29


SI 5.2:25

SI 7.1:67 Hines reviews "Perpetual Motion"

SI 9.2:115 Jury believes claims

SI 14.1:46 Feynman

SI 15.1:70 The N machine

Skeptic 3.2:9 Anthony Garrett

Laser Roundup 42 The Santa barbara machine (MacCready)

Laser Roundup 43 SCS saves investors 3 million dollars

**PERSINGER, Michael

Free Inquiry 17.1:47 Mystical experiences by technology


SI 15.2:161 Acceptance of results


SI 9.3:261 Phrenology and popular gullibility

Skeptic 10.3:20 Toby Howard


Briefs 9.2:8 The phantom of free energy (Stenger)


SI 14.4:397 Paradigms and the paranormal (Feder)

NS 1737

NS 1741

Laser 3.2:16 Review of Blinderman


NS 1466


Skeptic 11.3:8 Here be penguins


Skeptic 9.6:16 Edzard Ernst


SI 18.3:314 Hyman


SI 21.3:40 Skepticism and politics


SI 9.3:221 Columbus poltergeist (Randi)

SI 13.1:91 Columbus poltergeist (Randi)


SI 14.3:292 (Shneour)

NS 65.934

NS 98.1358

NS 100.1380

NS 100.1385

NS 100.1388

NS 1404 Lie detectors


NS 2130: 21 Supreme Court upholds ban in military trials


SI 7.1:67 Hines reviews "Polywater"

Skeptic 4.6:20


Skeptic 4.3:26


SI 16.1:31 Pseudoscience on stamps

SI 17.4:363 Pseudoscience and real science on stamps


SI 22.6:44


Free Inquiry 18.4:23 Exposing the emperor's new clothes (Bricmont)


SI 15.2:177 As medical treatment

SI 18.4:408 Book review by Gary Posner

Free Inquiry 17.3:27 Can science prove that prayer works?

AmSkeptic 7.1:8 Study in The Lancet


SI 11.4:376 Is the universe improbable? (Plus Fred Hoyle)

SI 16.2:129 Paradoxes, and the three-door problem (Gardner)

SI 16.4:440 Paradoxes (letters)

Skeptic 9.4.17: Lies, damn lies, and statistics


SI 9.1:36 What is pseudoscience? (Bunge)

SI 9.1:48 Pseudoscience and the paranormal (Toulmin)

SI 11.4:389 Fantasy in children's literature

SI 12.4:376 Science and the occult

SI 12.4:398 Wegener and pseudoscience

SI 12.4:411 Pseudoscience in airline catalogues

SI 13.1:70 Feyerabend, Roszak, etc

SI 13.2:147 Precognition and Psychophysics

SI 14.1:46 Feynman

SI 16.1:46 Multicultural pseudoscience (Part 1)

SI 16.2:162 Multicultural pseudoscience (Part 2): Magic Melanin

SI 17.4:400 Pathological science from N-rays to cold fusion

Skeptic 2.3:16 Recognizing pseudoscience

Skeptic 3.2:17 David Fisher

Skeptic 3.3:25 Steve Donnelly reviews Michael Shallis

Skeptic 4.2:4 Steve Donnelly on anti-gravity

Skeptic 4.3:14 Gyroscopes can't levitate UFOs

Skeptic 6.5:11 Is light getting slower? (Donald Rooum)

NS 94.1303 Lysenko and Darwinism

NS 1412 Fringe science at the AAAS

BS 1531 The Tasaday tribe

NS 1705 Astronomers and pathological science

Briefs 3.1:5 Canadian psychiatrist and "psychic driving"

Laser 1.2:7 Arthur Lintgen reads record-grooves

Laser 4.4:14 A new theory of gravity

Laser Roundup 11 Arthur Lintgen reads record-grooves (Randi)

Laser Roundup 37 The myth that bumblebees can't fly (Seckel)

Skeptic 8.6:12 Qigong: Chinese pseudoscience (Alcock)

SI 19.4:19 How to sell a pseudoscience

SI 20.4:15 Pentagon grant funds alternative health study

SI 20.4: Traditional medicine and pseudoscience in China

Briefs 6.4:1 Pseudoscience on the Internet (Milton Rothman)

SI 22.5:14 Temple University (Martin Gardner)


SI 12.4:403

SI 17.1:148

SI 17.1:159

SI 17.4:445

Laser 1.2:8 Los Angeles Police Department

Laser Roundup 46 Pscyhics and the LAPD


SI 3.3:16 Suzie Cottrell

SI 3.3:22 Jeane Dixon's predictions

SI 3.3:42 Chris Scott and Mike Hutchinson test Masuaki Kiyota

SI 4.4:73 Suzie Cottrell (Eisenbud and Randi)

SI 4.4:78 Hasted responds to the Kiyota test

SI 5.2:17 Setting up a fake psychic (Singer and Benassi)

SI 5.3:9 Predictions for 1980

SI 5.3:68 Suzie Cottrell (Eisenbud and Randi)

SI 5.4:6 Tamara Rand assassination prediction hoax

SI 5.4:15 Randi on James Hydrick and Alan Vaughan

SI 6.1:4 The Tamara Rand Hoax

SI 6.1:17 Hoebens on Gerard Croiset (Part 1)

SI 6.1:63 Nicolas Walter reviews Hasted's "The Metal-Benders"

SI 6.2:16 Predictions

SI 6.2:32 Hoebens on Gerard Croiset (Part 2)

SI 6.3:9 Predictions

SI 6.4:15 Korchnoi loses chess games by "strange forces"

SI 7.1:20 Prophecies

SI 7.1:30 Randi on Nostradamus

SI 7.1:38 Hoebens reviews a Nostradamus book

SI 7.3:8 Predictions for 1982

SI 8.2:133 Magicians, scientists, and psychics

SI 8.3:214 Shirley MacLaine

SI 8.3:239 Kurtz on debunking and skepticism

SI 8.4:296 Predictions for 1983

SI 8.4:299 African witches burnt at stake

SI 9.1:18 Edgar Cayce

SI 9.1:24 Quantum theory and the paranormal

SI 9.1:75 Review of Colin Wilson's "The Psychic Detectives"

SI 9.4:307 Predictions

SI 10.1:60 The Fox sisters

SI 10.3:286 Supplement to The Fox Sisters

SI 10.4:290 Remote viewing

SI 10.4:353 Remote viewing

SI 11.1:15 Psychic's million-dollar jury award

SI 11.2:135 A psychic on the jury

SI 11.4:327 Unmasking of Jason Michaels (Busch)

SI 11.4:335 Predictions

SI 11.4:383 Psychics and computers

SI 12.1:29 Lobsang Rampa (Gardner)

SI 121.1:108 Oberg on psychic predictions of doom

SI 12.2:119 Canada: Supreme Court rules against fortune-teller

SI 12.2:122 Claim to find Colossus of Rhodes

SI 12.4:364 Psi claims in China

SI 13.1:23 Pentagon uses psychics to find missing man in Italy

SI 13.1:46 Paranormal beliefs in China

SI 13.2:168 Chinese psychic's pill-bottle demonstration

SI 14.1:2 Randi tests psychics on TV

SI 15.1:26 Prison terms for fortune tellers

SI 15.2:123 Soccer predictions

SI 15.2:209 Beloff on Hyman and Marks (letters)

SI 16.1:61 Lucien exposes Alexander the quack prophet

SI 16.3:239 Predictions

SI 17.3:256 Predictions

SI 18.1:110 Non-predictions

Skeptic 2.2:5 Doris Collins and the Sun

Skeptic 5.3:7 Why not to test a pscyhic (Part 1)

Skeptic 5.4:7 Why not to test a psychic (Part 2)

Skeptic 5.5:12 Smith and Blackburn (Gardner)

Skeptic 6.1:16 Predictions

Skeptic 6.3:6 Premanand

NS 67.960 Randi at Psychic News

NS 64.929 Crookes and spiritualism

NS 1431 Psychic spies

Briefs 2.2:3 Premanand

Laser 4.4:15 Predictions

Laser Roundup 47 Fortune telling and the LAPD

Laser Roundup 49 Faraday and table turning

Laser Roundup 50 Confessions of a leading psychic

Basis Nov 1985 Bob Steiner as a fake psychic

SI 18.3:234 1993 predictions

SI 19.2:17 Predictions and End of the World

SI 20.2:18 Predictions

Skeptic 10.3:19 Ian Rowland, self-confessed psychic faker

SI 21.2:40 The Book of Predictions: 15 years later

Briefs 7.1:7 Offering rewards for psychic demonstrations

Briefs 7.1:10 Psychics and missing children in Belgium

SI 21.3:7 Mexican psychic plants a corpse

SI 21.3:19 Jeane Dixon obituaries (C Eugene Emery)

SI 21.3: 21 Jeane Dixon (Robert Sheaffer)

Freethinker 117.6:11 Election predictions (1997)

SI 22.1:6 Predictions for 1997

SI 22.1:21 Testing dermo-optical perception

SI 22.1:50 Testing psychics (Richard Wiseman)

SI 22.2:9 Houdini seance

SI 22.3:5 Psychic telephone networks

Briefs 8.2:7 Absence of mind


SI 13.2:124 Spiderman explains it

SI 13.4:338 Psychic surgeon jailed

Skeptic 9.1:19 Richard Wiseman


SI 4.4:12

SI 4.4:44 (Klass)


SI 20.321 Report of CSICOP's Human Error Workshop

SI 21.2:31 Gilovich: Some systematic biases of everyday judgment

SI 21.2:36 Science, justification, and beliefs

SI 21.3:29 Collective delusions: a skeptic's guide

SI 22.1:41 Open minds and the argument from ignorance

SI 22.2:23 The price of bad memories (Elilzabeth Loftus)

SI 23.2:30 Psychology of the seance (Wiseman, Nyman, et al)


SI 15.4:407 Baker reviews Gambrill

Skeptic 9.4:9 The social psychology of healing (Michael Heap)

AmSkeptic 7.1:27 Psychotherapy forum debate

AmSkeptic 7.1:28 Psychotherapy doesn't work


AmSkeptic 7.1:45


Skeptic 3.3:8

Skeptic 5.3:13

Skeptic 6.4:18


SI 15.1:51 Stenger

Free Inquiry 18.1:57 Quantum spirituality (Victor Stenger)


Skeptic 8.6:12 Qigong: Chinese pseudoscience (Alcock)


Biefs 7.2:10 Has the radioactive waste problem been solved


SI19.1:39 Seaborg


Skeptic 7.3:10 The failed guru

**RANDI, James

SI 14.1:12 Award from American Physical Society

Skeptic 5.4:12 Interviewed by Steve Donnelly

Laser 4.4:10 Interview

SI 18.2:121 Nova program: Secrets of the Psychics

SI 21.4:6 Pigasus awards

SI 22.4:12 1998 awards


SI 15.3:227 A new trend



SI 23.2:24 Superstition and the regression effect

SI 23.2:15 Martin Gardner

**REICH, Wilhelm

SI 13.1:26 Gardner

SI 13.3:328 Orgone therapy (letters)

SI 14.1:105 Orgone lives (letters)

SI 16.3:237 Orgonomists meet in Princeton

SI 19.5:43 Letters and journals reviewed

SI 20.2:18 Reichean disciples


SI 11.4:367 Linguistic analysis and reincarnation (Thomason)

SI 12.4:386 Hypnosis and reincarnation

Skeptic 4.4:7 Melvin Harris

Skeptic 4.6:10 Michael Heap

Laser 3.3:22 Melvin Harris

SI 18.5:481 Stevenson's "most impressive" case

SI 19.3:50 Stevenson and Leonard angel

Briefs 8.1:1 A case re-examined (Joe Nickell)


Free Inquiry 17.3:40 What's wrong with relativism


SI 9.3:213 Martin Gardner

SI 10.1:90 Letters, and Gardner's reply

Skeptic 4.2:10 The Moses Barrier

Skeptic 6.2:7 Arguments to Design (Antony Flew)

Skeptic 6.3:16 Chapman Cohen

Skeptic 7.2:5 First ten books of the Old Testament are fiction

Skeptic 7.3:5 Israel's planetarium off-limits to believers

NS 1490 Food taboos

NS 1833 Peter Atkins

Briefs 3.1:3 Religion and psychiatry (Baker)

Laser Roundup 6 Ayala

Australian Skeptic 20 Adam and Ave and thermodynamics

New Humanist p173 Siting of mosque in Regent's Park

SI 20.2:7 Milk-drinking idols

Freethinker 117.4:2 Islamophobia

Freethinker 117.4:11 British Jewry's sectarian strife

Free Inquiry 17.1:15 The Polish Church as an enemy of the Open Society

Free Inquiry 17.1:31 Disbelievers among the famous

Free Inquiry 17.2:57 Disbelievers among the famous

Free Inquiry 17.1:65 Religion and crime (letter)

Freethinker 117.5:4 Woody Allen on Judaism

Freethinker 117.5:6 Carl Sagan on Jewish belief in 6000-year-old Earth

Freethinker 117.5:9 Heaven's Gate suicide cult

Freethinker 117.6:4 Disasters attending the hajj

Freethinker 117.6: 7 Biblical offences demanding the death penalty

Freethinker 117.6:1 Religion and the Labour party

Freethinker 117.8:9 The Vatican and holocaust gold

SI 21.4:12 Heaven's gate cult

SI 21.4:15 Heaven's gate: the UFO cult of Bo and Peep (Martin Gardner)

SI 21.3: 18 Heaven's gate: UFO cult (Joe Nickell)

SI 21.3: 22 Heaven's gate and journalistic integrity

Free Inquiry 17.3:32 Does morality require God?

Free Inquiry 17.3:45 Absurdities of the gods (Ingersoll)

Freethinker 117.9:11 Lourdes

SI 21.6:30 The Bible code -- "hidden messages" in the bible

Freethinker 117.9:3 Religious discrimination in the UK

Freethinker 117.9:2 Virgin Mary to be declared Co-Redemptrix?

Free Inquiry 17.4:24 Religion versus sex

Free Inquiry 17.4:44 Faith versus medicine

Freethinker 118.2: UK religions seek exemption from Human Rights Bill

Freethinker 118.2:11 Catholics versus Protestants in Ireland

Free Inquiry 18.1:33 Taking the measure of Carl Sagan and Mother Theresa

Freethinker 118.5:3 Statistics of Religious Trends 1998-99

Freethinker 118.5:13 St Patrick: myth, not man

Freethinker 118.6:2 Muslims cause withdrawal of football

Freethinker 118.6:3 Religious representation in the House of Lords

Freethinker 118.6:3 Religous assemblies in UK schools

Freethinker 118.7:6 Missionary statistics 1998-9

Freethinker 118.7:2 Religionists against homosexuality

Freethinker 118.7:11 The Mormons open a new temple in Lancashire

Freethinker 118.8:2 Christianity's victims

Freethinker 118.8:3 A Humanist mayor and chaplain for Lewisham, London

Freethinker 118.8:8 The sex-obsessive celibate pope

Freethinker 118.8:10 Peniel Pentecostal Church takes over Tory branch

Freethinker 118.9:3 Superstition gains a foothold in the Millennium Dome

Freethinker 118.9:4 National Secular Society vs religious discrimination

Freethinker 118.9:5 The pope's miracle machine

Freethinker 118.9:7 Islamophobia

Freethinker 118.9:8 Hell

Freethinker 118.9:10 The Alpha Course

Freethinker 118.9:10 Spanish taxpayers snub the Catholic Church

Freethinker 118.9:11 Does anybody believe in God?

Freethinker 118.9:12 The Alpha movement

Freethinker 118.11:9 Blasphemy warrant against Taslima Nasreen

Freethinker 118.11:18 Virgin goddesses

SI 23.4: Special issue: Science and Religion

SI 23.4:8 Darwin's religious views

SI 23.4:14 The Davenport Brothers - religious or frauds?

SI 23.1:25 The Bible and prophets of doom (Gerald Larue)

Freethinker 119.8:8 The Vatican and the UN

Free Inquiry 18.2:6 The emptiness of theology (Richard Dawkins)

Free Inquiry 18.2:18 Religion and science (Richard Dawkins)

Free Inquiry 18.4:42 God and the philosophers

Free Inquiry 18.4:48 The Bible and astronomy


SI 10.3:290 Targ and Puthoff transcripts released

SI 10.4:353 Recollections of SRI

SI 14.4:345 Statistics and Jahn

SI 17.4:357 Remote viewing plagued with defects


SI 20.2:34 Gilovich and Savitzky


Skeptic 10.4:20 Toby Howard


SI 22.5:32 Calculated risks


Briefs 5.1:12


Skeptic 11.1:8 Runes, Vikings, and the New Age


SI 20.4:54 Popularizing science as a tool against anti-science

**SAGAN, Carl

SI 10.3:218 Sense and nonsense at the edge of science

SI 14.3:263 Why we need to understand science

SI 21.2:5 Tributes on his death

SI 21.3:55 More tributes

Free Inquiry 17.2:8 The honest agnostic


Freethinker 119.5:8 Criteria for sainthood


SI 12.4:416 The bar-code beast

SI 13.1;50 Backward masking

SI 13.2:218 The bar-code beast (letter)

SI 13.3:326 Backmasking (letters)

SI 14.2:221 Backmasking (letters)

SI 14.3:176 Police pursuit of satanic crime (Part 1)

SI 14.3:287 The spread of Satanic-cult rumors

SI 14.4:378 Police pursuit of satanic crime (Part 2)

SI 15.1:36

SI 15.1:99 Police, media, and satanism (letters)

SI 15.3:274 Survivor stories

SI 15.4:412 Review of two books (including Robert Hicks)

SI 16.1:21 Procter and Gamble's logo and satanism

SI 16.1:104 Satanic cult stories (letters)

SI 17.4:376 Satanic cults

SI 18.5:474 Satanism in Texas (Sheaffer)

Skeptic 8.5:9 Satanic logos

Skeptic 9.1:11 Satanic abuse: fact or fiction?

Free Inquiry 16.2:65 Two-thirds of Americans believe in Satan

SI 20.3: Robert Baker reviews "Satan's Silence'

**SCHMIDT, Helmut

SI 5.3:26 Hansel, then Hyman, on psychokinesis tests


SI 10.3:218 Sense and nonsense at the edge of science (Sagan)

SI 14.1:25 Myths about science (Rothman)

SI 14.1:35 The Relativity of Wrong (Asimov)

SI 14.1:57 The two cultures

SI 14.3:263 Why we need to understand science (Sagan)

SI 14.4:353 Relativism in science (Gardner)

SI 15.1:62 Science and Sir William Crookes

SI 15.2:211 Relativism in science (Gardner and critic)

Skeptic 1.1:5 Starting antiscience (Central TV's schools series)

NS 1760 Problems for Einstein's theory

Briefs 2.4:8 Statistics and coincidences (Baker)

Briefs 3.3:5 Meteorites

Offprint 1 (BAAS) Science and parascience (Harry Collins)

SI 18.2:118 Supreme Court and expert scientific testimony

SI 19.1:24 Wonder and Skepticism (Sagan)

SI 19.1:37 The astonishing hypothesis (Crick)

SI 19.2:14 Science and beauty (Martin Gardner)

SI 19.2:38 Antiscience in Academia

SI 21.2:36 Science, justification, and beliefs

Briefs 7.1:5 Milton Rothman: treatment of new ideas in science

SI 22.1:13 The dangers of dihydrogen monoxide

SI 22.2:25 Science in the public eye

SI 22.2:28 Science, delusion, and the appetite for wonder (Dawkins)

Briefs 8.1:3 Seeing what happens (observation or theory first?)

Briefs 8.1:4 Questioning truth and reality (Stenger)

SI 22.3:13 Zero-point energy and Harold Puthoff (Martin Gardner)

SI 22.6:20 Science and the unknowable

Free Inquiry 18.4:16 Unbelief among scientists


Zetetic 2.1:102 De Mille book review

SI 13.2:125 Donating "Dianetics" to libraries

SI 16.3:241 Legal loss in Norway

SI 19.5:12 Scientology versus the Internet

Skeptic 4.6:17

Skeptic 5.3:

Skeptic 6.2:9 Dianetics

Freethinker 118.5:11 A Scientologist in the House of Lords

Freethinker 118.9:13 Scientologists win an apology from Computer Shopper

AmSkeptic 7.1:10 In Rusia, Europe, America


SI 11.2:128 Gardner

SI 12.3:298 Morphic resonance in silicon chips

SI 13.1:100 Sheldrake (letters)

SI 13.2:203 Morphic resonance in silicon chips (follow-up)

SI 13.4:438 (letters)

Skeptic 2.4:20 David Fisher reviews "The Presence of the Past"

NS 100.1381 (with pictures)


SI 6.3:15 Critical appraisal

SI 6.3:35 Walter McCrone

SI 6.3:37 Reviews of books by Ian Wilson etc

SI 7.3:90 Pro and con letters

SI 13.2:117 Found to be medieval

SI 13.3:296 Nickell

SI 15.4:417 Gordon Stein reviews Kenneth E Stevenson

Skeptic 2.6:15 Steve Donnelly interviews Joe Nickell

NS 1596

NS 1626

NS 1653 Neutron theory fails to support

NS 1684 Errors affect dating technique

SI 18.4:343 Tablecloth from the Last Supper? Fake by Da Vinci?

SI 18.4:379 Pollens a fake addition

Briefs 7.4:7 From truth to fantasy (Joe Nickell)

SI 22.4:20 "Shroud Science" (Joe Nickell)

Free Inquiry 18.2:48 Joe Nickell


Skeptic 3.5:10 Antony Flew

Skeptic 5.1:118 David Fisher

Skeptic 5.3:9 Ian Woods

Skeptic 7.2:15 Skepticism - 1895 style

Laser 3.2:12 The role of the heretic (Asimov)

Laser 3.3:6 Proper criticism (Hyman)

Australian Skeptic 34 Skepticism and knowledge

SI 20.4:34 Critical thinking and doomsday models

SI 22.4:40 Planting a seed of doubt (Elie Shneour)


SI 17.3:245 Strategic suits against public participation


Free Inquiry 16.2:57 Review of "Taking up Serpents" (Joe Nickell)


Skeptic 5.3:15


Laser 3.1:8


SI 8.2:165 Martin Gardner reviews Brandon's "The Spiritualists"

SI 8.4:334 Sir Oliver Lodge and the spiritualists

SI 19.4: Rose Mackenberg: crusader against spiritualist fraud


SI 11.4:353 Nickell and Fischer

NS 1508

NS 1510

SI 12.2:217 (letters)

NS 1613

SI 20.6:17 Joe Nickell reviews "Ablaze" by Larry E Arnold

Briefs 6.4:8 Spontaneous human nonsense (Joe Nickell)

SI 22.2:15 Joe Nickell

SI 22.2:47 Thoughts of a forensic biologist

Skeptic 11.4:17 Charles Dickens, alcohol, and SHC


SI 23.3:41 SCAN or scam

**?STEINER, Rudolf

SI 16.1:23 Schools

SI 16.3:330

Freethinker 117.6:5


SI 21.3:8


SI 11.4:358 About Wilson Bryan Key

SI 12.2:189

SI 12.2:211 Wilson Bryan Key (letters)

SI 12.2:216 Subliminal tapes

SI 13.1:50 Backward masking

SI 13.3:326 Backward masking (letters)

SI 13.4:427

SI 14.2:221 Backmasking (letters)

SI 16.3:260 James Vicary and subliminal persuasion

SI 16.3:273

SI 16.3:282 Subliminal tapes

SI 16.4:349 Tests with bogus tapes

SI 17.1:99 Subliminal advertising (letters)

Skeptic 6.2:4 British Psychological Society reports on tapes

SI 20.2:16 Subliminal stories in the media

SI 20.6 The Judas Priest trial


Briefs 7.2:12 Maharashtra's superstition eradication committee

SI 23.2:24 Superstition and the regression effect


SI 22.4:13 Failed test


Briefs 7.2:8 Imported paranormal beliefs in Taiwan


SI 19.4:12


Skeptic 3.5:17

Skeptic 7.1:11 History of the tarot


SI 19.1:65 Letters

Skeptic 9.1:8 The Tesla Museum


Freethinker 117.6:5


SI 17.1:169 Why do nurses believe?

SI 17.3:327 Support from Colorado Board of Nursing

SI 17.4:450 (letters)

SI 18.3:232 Report of University of Colorado

Skeptic 8.5:16

SI 21.3:53 University of Alabama at Birmingham: Final report

SI 22.3:6 TT fails a rare scientific test

SI 22.4:31 An evaluation

Briefs 8.4:3 A touching story


SI 15.4:342

SI 16.2:129 Gardner

SI 16.2:192 Frazier

SI 16.4:440 (letters)

SI 16.4:442 (letters)


SI 18.5:509 Ocean tides, and tidal forces on people


SI 15.3:244 Was the wreck foretold? (Martin Gardner)

SI 19.4:30 Did the moon sink the Titanic


Zetetic 1.2:38

Zetetic 1.2:91 Truzzi reviews "TM Secret Manuscript"

SI 8.2:143 TM and the weather

Skeptic 7.2:17

Skeptic 7.3:16 Skepticism or cynicism?

Skeptic 7.4:15 It's all in the mind

Skeptic 7.4:27 No value

NS 1776 Blackmore

Briefs 2.3:1 Natural Law Party

Laser Roundup Fakirs (Seckel)

SI 18.3: Natural Law Party in Canada


Zetetic 1.2:72 Book reviews (Hynek, Vallee) by Sheaffer

Zetetic 1.2:88 Oberg reviews "UFOlogy"

Zetetic 2.1:10 Soviet "jellyfish" UFO

Zetetic 2.1:84 Klass book review

SI 3.1:39 Astronaut UFO sightings (Oberg)

SI 3.1:56 The Sirius mystery (Ian Ridpath)

SI 3.3:5 New Zealand UFO

SI 3.3:8 Omni

SI 2.2:72 NASA and the White House

SI 3.2:4 Gallup polls (Klass)

SI 3.2:7 Lessons of an IFO

SI 3.2:9 Soviet "jellyfish" UFO

SI 3.2:49 Tunguska

SI 3.2:64 Sheaffer reviews the Hynek UFO report

SI 3.3:49 Klass on Hynek

SI 4.1:6 Vallee against skeptics

SI 5.3:16 Hypnosis and abductions (Klass)

SI 5.3:47 Travis Walton

SI 5.3:65 Klass reviews Story's "UFOs and the limits of science"

SI 6.1:58 Abell reviews Sheaffer's "The UFO Verdict"

SI 6.2:10 Kidnapping, abductions, and Travis Walton

SI 6.3:68 Sheaffer reviews "Project Identification" (Rutledge)

SI 6.4:5 Lens flares as UFOs

SI 7.2:48 Klass on a pilot's report of a UFO

SI 7.2:68 Taves reviews "The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two"

SI 7.3:83 Rutledge replies to Sheaffer

SI 8.2:168 Review of Klass's "UFOs - the public deceived"

SI 8.2:173 Review of Oberg's "UFOs and outer-space mysteries"

SI 8.4:355 Psychology and UFOs

SI 9.1:56 Critique of Hynek

SI 9.2:171 Klass reviews Government coverup

SI 9.3:257 Radar UFOs (Klass)

SI 10.1:69 The Saguaro incident

SI 10.3:209 Rendlesham UFO (Ian Ridpath)

SI 10.3:234 Crashed-saucer claim (Klass)

SI 10.4:328 The Condon study

SI 11.1:19 Hynek obituary (Klass)

SI 11.1:77 The Woodbridge (Rendlesham) UFO (Ridpath)

SI 11.2:159 The Great East Coast UFO of August 1986 (Oberg)

SI 11.2:221 The Condon study (letters)

SI 11.3:314 Klass and critics

SI 11.4:322 JAL pilot's report

SI 11.4:425 The Rendlesham UFO (Campbell/Ridpath)

SI 12.1:106 Condon report (letters)

SI 12.2:137 The MJ-12 crashed saucer documents (Klass)

SI 12.2:147 Hypnotic regression and abductees (Baker)

SI 12.2:220 Woodbridge (Rendlesham) UFO (Campbell)

SI 12.3:233 Chinese sighting

SI 12.3:263 Alien abduction

SI 12.3:270 Alien-abduction claims

SI 12.3:279 The MJ-12 papers: Part 2 (Klass)

SI 12.4:339 MJ-12

SI 12.4:349 The Nullarbor UFO

SI 12.4:419 Review of Klass's "UFO-abductions" (Baker)

SI 13.2:130 Gulf Breeze

SI 13.3:305 MJ-12 (Klass)

SI 14.1:65 Top secret UFO papers (Klass)

SI 14.2:135 MJ-12

SI 14.2:171 The Airship Hysteria of 1896-97 Robert E. Bartholomew

SI 15.2:135 Gulf Breeze

SI 15.2:181 Klass reviews book on Government's "secret quest"

SI 15.2:188 Review of book about therapists and abductees

SI 15.3:234 Lights in the sky over Washington

SI 15.3:281 The Kecksburg incident

SI 15.3:330 The New Zealand UFO

SI 15.4:359 Gulf Breeze

SI 16.3:287 The Avro VZ-9 Flying Saucer

SI 16.4:400 Ghost lights of Texas

SI 16.4:428 Crash at Roswell?

SI 17.1:142 3.7 million Americans kidnapped by aliens?

SI 17.1:180 The Big Sur UFO identified

SI 17.4:444 UFO-abduction test lacks validity

SI 18.1:3 UFO dogfight: a ballooning tale

SI 18.1:50 Alien kidnappings and memory

Skeptic 1.2:9 A Spanish close encounter

Skeptic 1.4:14 Two Spanish UFOs turn out to be Soviet missiles

Skeptic 3.5:12 The Nullarbor UFo mystery - solved

Skeptic 4.3:14 Gyroscopes can't levitate UFOs

Skeptic 4.3:7 Dave Langford's spoof book

Skeptic 4.4:4 UFOs on TV (Steve Donnelly)

Skeptic 4.4:12 The Scarborough Saucer Crash

Skeptic 4.5:31 A UFO in the eye

Skeptic 4.6:12 The man who invented flying saucers

Skeptic 5.2:16 1991 - the final crash of the UFOs?

Skeptic 6.1:6 Filing "flying saucers" (Hilary Evans)

Skeptic 6.1:14 The silver man: hoax picture of an alien

Skeptic 6.3:5 Within 100 yards of a Britannia Airways Boeing 737

Skeptic 6.3:8 Do-it-yourself UFOs (Dave Mitchell)

Skeptic 6.3:10 Questions to ask alien visitors

Skeptics 6.4:27 UFO balloons

NS 75.1060

NS 84.1176

NS 89.1235 Fireballs and UFOs

NS 92.1285 Russian UFO

NS 97.1344

NS 99.1373

NS 1446 Magnetization of cars

NS 1614 Dave Langford's UFO spoof

Briefs 2.3:4 Gulf Breeze

Briefs 2.3:8 The alien-abduction bonanza (Baker)

Laser Roundup 61 Interview with Al Hibbs

Laser Roundup 66 The gullibility factor

Skeptic 8.2:23 Randles reviews Steuart Campbell

Skeptic 8.3:17 Origins of the flying saucer myth

SI 18.3:239 Psychology of the UFO experience (Baker)

SI 18.5:455 The Roswell "UFO" crash

Skeptic 8.4:10 Alien abductions (Blackmore)

NS 1952 Alien abductions (Blackmore)

SI 19.1:22 Roswell: the movie

SI 19.1:41 The Air Force Report

SI 19.2:3 Profile of people who report UFOs

Skeptic 9.2:17 Origins of alien stereotypes (Part 1)

Skeptic 9.3:12 Origins of alien stereotypes (Part 2)

SI 19.4:15 Roswell and Project Mogul

SI 19.5:3 Harvard versus John Mack

SI 20.2:6 Roswell -- guide to articles

SI 20.2:48 The Billy Meier Story (review)

SI 20.2:57 Roswell: flaws in the autopsy film

Skeptic 10.2:8 Changes in speed over the years/Kenneth Arnold

SI 20.3:18 Fantasy proneness in John Mack's "Abduction"

Skeptic 10.3:27 Steuart Campbell (letter) on Kenneth Arnold

Skeptic 10.4:12 Abduction theory (Nick Rose)

Skeptic 10.4:27 Kenneth Arnold (Martin S Kottmeyer)

SI 20.6:5 The "Roswell fragment" -- case closed

SI 20.6:6 "Penthouse" and the alien autopsy

SI 20.6:29 Philip Klass reviews TV's cover-up of evidence

SI 20.6:54 Roswell -- 6 different sites "identified"

Briefs 6.4: 4 The lost meteorological blimp

SI 21.2:29 An astronomer's personal statement (Alan Hale)

SI 21.2:49 Review of "Witnessed" (Budd Hopkins)

Briefs 7.1:1 Heaven's Gate cult suicide: belief in UFOs not so harmless

Briefs 7.1:2 Robert Baker on Strieber's "The Secret School"

Briefs 7.1:4 Joe Nickell on UFO photographs

Briefs 7.1:9 Aliens conduct medical procedures on abductees

Skeptic 11.1:13 Blackmore: Alien abduction

Briefs 7 2:3 The Roswell legacy (Joe Nickell)

Briefs 7.2: An alien taxonomy (Robert Baker)

SI 21.4:5 Anachronistic danger sign in "Alien Autopsy" film

SI 21.4:12 Heaven's gate cult

SI 21.3: 15 Heaven's gate: the UFO cult of Bo and Peep (Martin Gardner)

SI 21.3: 18 Heaven's gate: UFO cult (Joe Nickell)

SI 21.3: 22 Heaven's gate and journalistic integrity

SI 21.4: What really happened at Roswell

SI 21.4: 30 Interview with Karl Korff

SI 21.4:31 "Alien Autopsy" -- Son casts doubt on originator's credibilty

SI 21.5:5 Roswell hysteria

SI 21.5:8 News accounts of UFOs affect beliefs

SI 21.5: 22 The truth is, they never were saucers (Sheaffer)

SI 21.6: Roswell -- TV cover-up continues

SI 21.6:8 Roswell -- New fragment? The isotopes say no

SI 21.6: Roswell -- information from the medical supply officer

Briefs 7.4:9 Flying saucer shapes in sci-fi from 1929

Skeptic 11.3:6 Analysing an "alien" implant (Blackmore)

Skeptic 11.3:10 Airships: the UFOs on 1912-13

SI 22.3:16 Alien abductioins as sleep-related phenomena (Joe Nickell)

SI 22.3:23 Abduction by aliens or sleep paralysis? (Susan Blackmore)

SI 22.3:29 Before Roswell: the meaning behind the crashed-UFO myth

SI 22.3:31 Case closed: reflections on the Air Force Roswell report

SI 22.3:37 Gray Barker, who brought the "Men in Black" to prominence

SI 22.3:40 A skeptic living in Roswell

SI 22.5: Media gullibility

SI 22.5:12 The Aztec UFO hoax

SI 22.5:18 Alien implants: the new "hard evidence"

SI 22.5:21 UFOlogists shoot for the moon (Robert Sheaffer)

SI 23.2:7 Eight alien autopsy films

SI 23.2:13 Dummy drops and Roswell


Skeptic 9.2:9


Free Inquiry 18.2:8 Humanists report discrimination to the UN

Free Inquiry 18.2:8


SI 19.2:32 "Lights out!" - a faxlore phenomenon

SI 23.3:29 The snuff film

SI 23.3:34 The organ-snatching urban legends


SI 23.3:13 Martin Gardner


SI 17.1:81

SI 17.3:339 New England vampire beliefs (letters)

Skeptic 6.5:9 The Cumbrian vampire

SI 20.2:41 Vampires in folklore and fiction

SI 20.4:63 Letter from a pathologist


Free Inquiry 18.4:54 The limits of ethical vegetarianism


SI 2.2:84 Abell reviews "Scientists confront Velikovsky"

SI 3.2:68 Abell on his Velikovsky review

SI 8.2:154 Venus and Velikovsky: original sources

SI 9.3:284 Review of "Cosmic Heretics" (de Grazia)

SI 11.3:282 Velikovsky's use of evidence from China

NS 78.1099


SI 22.6:18 Council against health fraud concerned


Skeptic 8.3:6 Pseudoscientific claims

**VON D€NIKEN, Erich

Zetetic 2.1:22 Ronald D Story

SI 3.2:33 Chariots of the Gullible


Free Inquiry 15.3:31 Martin Gardner

**"WAR OF THE WORLDS" (Orson Welles)

Laser 3.3:20

SI 22.6:40 What have we learned from the Martian panic


Skeptic 8.3:12


**WATSON, Lyall

SI 18.1:76 Baker reviews "The Nature of Things"


SI 15.3:290 In Nigeria

Free Inquiry 17.2:44 The myth of the innocent child