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Lewis Jones's Ingenious Magic
Great Conjuring tricks from one of Magic's ingenious creators. Cards, coins, bills, books, rubber bands, business cards, and calendars.
My book Bizarre Beliefs
This book breaks new ground in presenting a skeptical point of view to believers and non-believers of paranormal claims.
Hypnosis Summary
This is a summary of some of the scientific evidence on the subject of hypnosis.
Prescrire on Homeopathy
Is there evidence that homeopathic preparations have a specific therapeutic effect? The French magazine took a look at the results of placebo-controlled clinical trials.
Fasting Girls
A Victorian investigation of claims that a young girl was able to survive without eating. A wonderful example of careful scientific research in Victorian times.
Acupuncture Report
Critiques of acupuncture papers. Taken from sci.skeptic in the year 2000
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